Sky Rigger

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Ingenuity Product Design

Commissioned By:

Sea Ulcer

Designed In:


Sky Rigger takes fishing to another level by enabling drone pilots to safely fly a bait or lure out to sea and silently target fish from above. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never fished before, Sky Rigger expands your view to experience fishing like you have never imagined.

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  • Australia has some of the most productive offshore fisheries in the world but for many anglers these fishing opportunities are inaccessible due to the high cost of owning a boat or due to the high level of the skill required to navigate a boat safely in the open ocean. Commercially or Home-made drone fishing attachments are limited in both their ability to adapt to a range of drone models and fishing styles. Many of these existing solutions require modification to the drone and do not have ‘drone safe’ line release which puts drones in danger if the line release fails.

  • With drones becoming an affordable item that may people already use to capture their outdoor adventures. It was logical that with the use of a drone offshore fishing could become more accessible and safer for everyone. The solution is Sky Rigger, an innovative fishing line release mechanism that allows users to fly their lure or bait out to the fish with a drone while remaining safely on shore. Sky Rigger requires no modification to the drone. It attaches to the legs of the drone and with a simple line release mechanism it makes rigging the lure or bait a breeze.

  • In 2016 Sea Ulcer created waves on social media with their home-made drone fishing rig. Riding this wave of interest, the team at Sea Ulcer partnered with Ingenuity to refine the product and help it meet the requirements of such a demanding environment. Without the partnership between Ingenuity Product Design and Sea Ulcer the product simply would not have made it to market. Fishing is one of very few intergenerational pastimes, but boating can be limiting for anglers with disabilities. Sky Rigger gives everybody the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime in a safe and accessible onshore environment.

  • The Sky Rigger has been thoughtfully designed to ensure it is ‘drone safe’ and has little to no impact on the flying ability of the drone. Sky Rigger keeps the fishing line out of the way of critical navigation sensors, rotor blades and camera components. With an adjustable low & central mounting method Sky Rigger ensures the pay load is as close to the centre of gravity as not to affect the stability and manageability of the drone during flight. Rotating attachment clamps allow the Sky rigger to be attached horizontally or vertically to avoid interfering with the drone and allow the Sky rigger to adapt to a wide range of different drones while remaining ‘drone safe’. For many anglers the value of fishing is as much about catching the fish as it is about sharing the experience and capturing the moment. The use of a drone ads to the social value of each fishing capture or missed opportunity. With the ability to film the experience from a different perspective, anglers will be able to build the legend of the fish that got away in a whole new way.