• 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Whipsaw Inc.

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United States of America

Skrolla is a lounge chair for residential or contract use. It is comprised of only 6 wood parts and weighs only 19 lbs. The assembly method is all new – the legs go through the seat and attach underarms, and the larger leg diameter under the seat carries all the weight.

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  • A lounge chair is the quintessential design problem. Over the last 100 years many have been designed BUT they are often bulky, heavy and complex to manufacture with many parts. A lounge chair should be extremely comfortable, but they often are not due to poor human factors. A lounge chair is often the centerpiece of a room so it must be aesthetically beautiful, but many are not. There hasn't been an iconic one designed in the last several decades. This designer had a vision to solve all these problems and create a stunning new chair.

  • Skrolla is a “complete” solution - it innovates every category: form, materials, function, comfort, simplicity, uniqueness, manufacturing. Organic appearance is first impression, made possible by vacuum forming veneer layers into a scroll-shaped seat. Construction is all new method (utility patented): Legs insert through seat and anchor underneath arms, preventing leg movement. Legs are 1.5” diameter on bottom, 1.25” on top, so weight rests on four “shoulders.” Backrest mortise and tenons into back legs. Very comfortable: 15-degree seat, 102-degree backrest; 10” arm height. Very efficient: 6 parts, 19 lbs; sustainable woods, extremely strong due to unique “scroll box” construction.

  • Skrolla’s unique design impacts the culture of furniture design. It is a fresh new solution in form, function, comfort and inventive manufacturing methods. Skrolla is new but already recognized by many retailers and museums as a stunning new achievement in furniture design, and it’s poised for commercial success. Skrolla is environmentally responsible because it makes a design statement with very little material mass, and all materials are sustainably harvested. The inner veneers (between the top and bottom layers) are low-cost farmed poplar wood. It’s inexpensive to ship because it is lightweight, making the shipping environmental footprint small.

  • Skrolla has a unique flowing appearance made possible by the inventive fabrication process: To make the scroll seat, 6 layers of veneer are stacked with epoxy resin in between each sheet. The stack of veneer is then placed under a wood seat form, and everything is put inside a vacuum bag. The air is then sucked out of the bag, which pulls the veneer around the scroll-shaped form. When the epoxy sets 15 minutes later the seat is hard as a rock and it pops right off of the form due to the seat draft angle (which is also ideal for seating comfort). The backrest is made the same way (see video for more fabrication detail). The side view of the chair shows how the seat bottom angles down but arms are horizontal, good for placing things. The backrest flows into the seat back holes and attaches to back legs with a strong stub tenon and mortise joint. The conical shape of the seat scroll part allows it to pop off the molding form during production. Offered in walnut, teak, and oak. These woods have strong grain that highlight the curves.