Simavita AlertPLUS™

  • 2019

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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  • Simavita
  • 4design

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AlertPLUS™ is a smart diaper solution for adults and infants. An AlertPLUS™ Data Pod attached to the Smart Diaper containing printed sensors provides real-time alerts to caregivers that “it’s time to change”. It’s simple to use, intelligent and affordable, providing peace of mind to caregivers and parents.

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  • The challenge was to design a wearable, low cost, multi-use device to capture, process and reliably transmit multivariable sensor data – the alertPLUS™ Data Pod. It must be small whilst being able to house circuitry for data acquisition, processing and radio transmission. The Data Pod had to seamlessly connect to low-cost sensors printed and embedded in a diaper and transmit intelligible data, including urine loss information to smart devices such as phones, tablets, and watches via an App. The wearable Data Pod needs to be safe, comfortable, cleanable, easy to fit and remove from a diaper, but once on stays on.

  • The resulting AlertPLUS™ product is lightweight, unobtrusive, comfortable, easy to use and cost-effective. Integrating unique technologies, including extremely low cost printed sensor within diapers to replace manual methods for evaluating incontinence events. The Data Pod is easy to handle and securely attaches to a wide variety of diapers. The diaper incorporates sensors that are simple to manufacture without the need to re-tool or change the manufacturing process. There are no dramatic changes to diaper materials or significant increase in cost. The system captures and sends data to an App with patented algorithms providing useful information to improve quality of care.

  • AlertPLUS™ produces evidence-based information that supports improvement in the quality of care overcoming inaccuracies in manual methods of incontinence checks. AlertPLUS™ array of sensors and algorithms may help to reduce falls, UTI’s, diaper rash and other skin conditions, additionally, providing a significant productivity boost to the management of incontinence. AlertPLUS™ assists in optimising diaper usage. Diapers are changed when required reducing the amount of waste created by disposable diapers. AlertPLUS™ is a cost-effective everyday product generating rich and actionable information that can increase the quality of life of the aged, those living with a disability, and the infant market.

  • • Bluetooth 5 for long range and power efficiency • Power efficient operation, running off a coin size battery for 4+ months • Slim and lightweight for comfort and portability • Compact size but still is easy to handle • Strong and robust to withstand daily use and abuse • A hygienic, impenetrable seal which is ultrasonically welded • Water and ingress protected with an IP54 rating • Laser etched labels to ensure that markings are not worn away • Smooth finishing and surfacing to minimise dirt accumulation and material catching • Replaceable battery cover designed to be secure and safe for infant use • Alignment and active visual indicators for showing good connection of Data Pod to diaper • Data Pod data pins configuration can handle variation in clipping position when attached to the Diaper Sensor • Very low-cost manufacturing of sensor strips into diapers, with no impact on diaper manufacturing processes • Low-cost manufacturing of the Data Pod • Connects directly to common Bluetooth capable smart devices, such as phones • App-based monitoring and alerts • Capable of concurrently monitoring and managing multiple incontinent people • Simple Data Pod and App binding process • Minimal user training and support