• 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Motorola Solutions Innovation Design Team
  • Motorola Solutions Development Engineering Team

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:

United States of America

The Si200 body-worn video camera integrates with a digital evidence management system to enable law enforcement agencies to efficiently and securely manage video content from in-field capture to judicial sharing, in one system. The rugged and simplified body-worn device captures high-definition video and features additional advanced capabilities and wearing options.

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  • 95% of all US police agencies have deployed or are considering the addition of body worn video cameras on first responders. The proliferation of body worn video in this space drives the need for a cost effective solution with simplified operation. Users demand lightweight and unobtrusive methods of carry and use. Designers were challenged to simplify the user interface and provide “eyes up, hands free” functionality in order to reduce distractions during mission critical patrol work. Designers were also challenged to reduce weight , improve battery life, retain the ability to capture and upload high resolution video, and assure evidence security.

  • The Si200 reduces a typical body worn video device to a simplified package with very little user interaction required. The form factor is intended to blend in with other elements of the police officer’s equipment and minimize exposed controls and features for a clean look. It is designed to withstand the elements with an IP67, MIL-STD-810G rating. Multiple wearing options were developed to address a wide variety of officer body types and apparel allowing the device to mount securely and not interfere with other equipment.

  • Body worn video has proven to be an effective law enforcement tool as both officers and the public are aware that behaviors and actions are being recorded. Equipping each officer in the field effectively creates an added level of “sensors” and incident capture capability. This is proven to enhance safety and create an effective deterrent to crime. The Si200 helps expand the deployment of body worn video technology by simplifying use and reducing the cost of the equipment required to capture and manage evidence.

  • The Si200 was designed for ease of use and wearability. A pre buffer feature allows the user to power on the camera up to 2 minutes after an incident actually starts and still capture video evidence that has already occurred. This eliminates the need for users to “anticipate” an event and allows them to initiate recording action up to 2 minutes after activity begins without loss of initial footage. This is important in an environment where seconds count and users should be augmented by their equipment, not encumbered by it. To reduce size the device was developed without a display. The design also enables users to wirelessly pair the device with a smartphone to review video or check camera view and settings.