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  • 2022

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The Blackmagic Studio Camera is the world’s most advanced, self-contained broadcast camera designed specifically for live concerts, sporting events and television. For $1795 – a tenth of traditional systems – it empowers web broadcasters, small businesses and independent studios with a complete suite of professional video imaging, monitoring and production tools.

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  • A major barrier to multi-camera live production is the incredibly high cost and impractical nature of traditional broadcast equipment. Cumbersome, complex, and inflexible, typical cameras weigh over 20kg and cost up to $50,000, making them unattainable for most independent broadcasters. Increasingly, live programs are produced by people outside of traditional broadcasting mediums. From basements, warehouses, bedrooms and offices countless innovative new ideas are being expressed to a rapidly growing, and evermore discerning audience. The challenge was to create a camera that would allow these creative people to achieve professional outcomes in a manner indistinguishable from a large scale television studio.

  • For less than the cost of a mid-range DSLR, the Blackmagic Studio Camera integrates professional image quality, cutting edge professional broadcast technology into an ultra-compact, durable, all-in-one design. Combining 4K cinematic image sensor, high-end connections and HDR viewfinder, its approachable and highly portable design empowers creative people to achieve professional outcomes regardless of financial constraints or technical expertise. Made from just three major parts, the advanced Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate composite body is 50% lighter than die-cast metal, possessing comparable strength, rigidity and finish for a fraction of the cost.

  • Accessible to almost anyone the Blackmagic Studio Camera is easy to use, with an intuitive touchscreen interface that requires little technical experience to start shooting. Apart from a common DLSR lens it demands little additional investment to produce professional quality live footage. This has significant cultural benefits. With booming global streaming services like Netflix, Apple and Amazon, preserving cultural diversity is increasingly important. The affordable Blackmagic Studio Camera allows smaller broadcasters to tell stories that celebrate their local communities to a global audience; stories that may otherwise be forgotten.

  • Online football show Mister Underdog, a bi-weekly show produced by Madrid-based live production and streaming specialist Patton, provides news and opinions on Spanish football to an annual audience of over 12 million viewers. "With limited production space, we needed a camera solution that was lightweight, unobtrusive and did not interfere with the audience experience," says Miguel Patón, director general of Patton. "… the Studio Camera 4K Pros give us the versatility needed to create high quality 4K content for streaming," explains Patón. "The size and brightness of the screen make a big difference to our operators given the venue's low light conditions, as well as the intuitive controls, which are ideal for meeting the challenges of small live productions." Form and Aesthetic Details •Subtly tapered lens mount enclosure reduces perceived size without compromising the internal architecture. •Exposed heatsink fins, angled to minimize ingress, reflect sophisticated two-way thermal management system within. •Separate microphone pods optimise stereo sound and communicate professional audio capabilities. •Prominent Tally light can be seen from any angle, ensuring on-screen talent is always aware of on-air cameras. •Low sheen, satin black finish remains discrete throughout live productions, passively eliminating undesirable reflections in light sensitive sets.