Sector 2 – Workpoint | Table | Leaner

  • 2022

Designed By:

  • Aspect Furniture

Commissioned By:

Aspect Furniture

Designed In:

New Zealand

Sector 2 is an innovative table system that is defined not by traditional constraints, but by workplace freedom, large-span surfaces, and flexible configurations. The simple kit-of-parts enables the sub-frame and supporting components to span greater distances while providing uncompromised stability and structural integrity for people at work.

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  • Increased flexibility in a ‘hybrid’ workplace provided an opportunity to create the ultimate platform for workpoint freedom and adaptability. The need for constant change and a large-scale adaptable workbench system that had greater freedom, was the driving force behind our design. We identified that other table systems had central leg components which often obstructed or limited users. Generally, this determined how many people can sit, where they can sit, and how they move around the table or workpoint. We wanted to design a system where interactions weren’t restricted by imposing legs and where people could enjoy freedom and flexibility.

  • Workplace freedom in more digitally connected workplaces challenged traditional thinking with workpoint span, size, and functionality. Aspect commenced concepts and sample profiles which evolved into a complete kit-of-parts forming the foundation of the Sector 2 system, spanning 3.8meters with two sets of legs. By removing central leg components, we could increase the number of seated positions at the table and create freedom of movement around the workpoint. Evolved to meet the demands of the agile workplace, Sector 2 is built in significantly larger configurations, accommodating a wider range of work settings, whether sharing a coffee, workshopping, or gathering with colleagues.

  • Sector 2 was designed with people in mind. Its design aesthetic, form and system of parts promote a sense of connection between people and their workplace. A feeling of connection encourages not only engagement and culture, but also productivity – an essential platform to nurture social interaction. All materials in the design process were considered, taking into account user experience, cost efficiency, and environmental outcomes. Sector 2, designed by Aspect’s design team is manufactured locally, providing control of quality and materials. Our local manufacturing model enables a wider range of environmental and sustainably sourced materials and ensures a minimised environmental footprint.

  • Sector 2 pairs acuity and integrity with seamless aluminum and timber forms. Sector’s timber legs are positioned seamlessly along the supporting sub-frame using a clip-in casting. On large-format tables that extend beyond four meters, this feature provides further structural integrity to the sub-frame extrusion. Sector 2 has an extensive range of accessories available, designed for you to build your ideal workbench or project space. - Slide privacy screens and accessory rails to easily reconfigure this workspace for a flexible workshop or project space with added features such as desktop planter boxes or shelves. - A casual work hub accessorised with a light bar and push-on screens with short-term touchdown scenarios in mind. - Semi-permanent configuration with assigned workpoints with monitors Refer to - Seamless power and data reticulation - The slim, angular leg has a removable cap for concealing cables, creating a refined and elegant look. Power boxes, Floorsight pucks and other facilities are serviced without unsightly cables or umbilical cords. The power cables can be fully integrated into the tabletop with a pivoting cover that conceals power and USB outlets when not in use. The cable tray sits flush beneath the tabletop and hinges down for easy cable access and management.