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NO ISSUES TISSUES Reuse, Refill, Recycle Packaging compliments our 100% bamboo, tree free, renewable & sustainable materials used in manufacturing our paper products. The purpose of our design is to contribute to the global mission of eliminating traditional single use plastic by creating an aesthetically pleasing & multi-functional solution for consumers worldwide.

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Image: Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
Image: Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
Image: Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
Image: Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
Image: Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
Image: Photographer: Jesse-Leigh Elford
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  • NO ISSUES Reuse, Refill, Recycle packaging packaging solution is the first to market domestically & internationally in the toilet paper, tissues & paper towel industry. 40% of plastic packaging is disposed contributing to landfill and polluting our oceans - our Reuse, Refill, Recycle packaging is a direct solution to this problem. Currently offering a solution to cutting down our precious trees, we use 100% sustainable/renewable bamboo. The next challenge was to eliminate single use plastic packaging in the paper industry. NO ISSUES Reuse, Refill, Recycle Packaging is available now: Woolworths and Office Works nationally, Harris Farm Markets, YourFoodCollective, Amazon and our online shop.

  • NO ISSUES challenges the traditional FMCG packaging function & design aesthetic with our innovative 3 tiered approach. 1. Eliminate single use plastic by creating a new multi-functional purpose to traditional disposable plastic wrap. 2. Using a clean, clear, design aesthetic & minimal branding we have removed all product information from front and back of packaging and placed info on the bottom. This reduces clutter so the reuse-bag is functional without looking like packaging. 3. RECYCLE /REUSED boxes for online refills 36-rolls no extra packaging. We believe our first to market, innovative, multifunctional solution in environmental innovation and will influence other FMCG brands.

  • NO ISSUES is an exemplar for social impact design & is scalable - It is a preface for modern brands. Our design journey/process: Innovating regular toilet paper packaging into a reusable bag; developed refill options; resulting in plant based compostable and 100% recycled bags and reused boxes ('Reuse, Refill, Recycle'!) We are constantly researching & updating the environmental impact of our materials. NO ISSUES Packaging Solution is truly a world first and new way of thinking. It can be measured and reported via data through world organisations such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC & WWF. NO ISSUES contributes to a better, safer and more prosperous future.

  • Reuse - NO ISSUES Reusable plastic bags are currently made from EVA. This material is considered to be a safe alternative to PVC, as it doesn't require plasticisers like phthalates and it's BPA free. We are currently testing recycled EVA/EVA made from sugarcane and HDPE for next round to market. Our materials are better for the environment compared the big brands - our major competitors! Refill bags/reused boxes- These are made with 100% recycled material. We are using recycled bag/reused/box stocks; We are working with our manufactures to make kraft packaging refill bags from bamboo. Compostable - NO ISSUES compostable bags made from plant based compostable materials, mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together). These will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home-compostable environment. NO ISSUES packaging solutions sell in all major supermarkets covering Woolworths (Woolworths Holdings Limited), Office Works (Wesfarmers), Harris Farms, Your Food Collective & Amazon. They have all recognised that we are first to market domestically & internationally in the innovative project. NO ISSUES has trademarked 'Green is the new black'. Which relates directly to our minimal, clean,design aesthetic for our reusable, modern & multifunctional bags. This means that consumers can reuse with elegance.