SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag

  • 2022

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Fire kills and injures. All campsites have fires. Social enterprise SEASONFORT designed their machine washable Fire Retardant Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag to be permanently fire retardant. To do it – Tony Clark designed ThermalTrex® – a Fire Retardant Polar Fleece which is breathable, cozy warm, washable, fast drying, light weight and safe.

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  • Campfires pop and spit fire. Polyester/nylon ignites fast and melts on skin. Challenge. To make a FR (fire retardant) sleeping bag for campers and homeless people without FR chemical coatings - that is permanently FR even after machine washing. It's easy to make a FR fabric with dangerous FR chemical treatments that wash out and are environmentally unfriendly, limited use (e.g. Airline blankets). However, to make our polar fleece forever fire retardant required the development of a unique blend of ingredients - making every fibre fire retardant. And it's recyclable. Today over 11,000 campers and homeless Aussies now have FR Sleeping Bag.

  • Safety. Our unique ThermalTrex® yarn in a SEASONFORT FR Sleeping Bag has been made fire retardant without chemical treatments. So no matter how many times our sleeping bag is washed - it will be always be fire retardant. Hygienic washing with warmth. Most sleeping bags are rarely washed ( yuk ) - and sleeping bags that claim to be washable are usually damaged whilst washing; filling is damaged / clumps - creating uneven warmth and cold spots. Whereas a SEASONFORT FR Sleeping Bag does not use clumpy fillings and instead provides even breathable warmth - rated at 1 degree Celsius (extreme use) and 15 Celsius (comfort use).

  • I didn't know my polyester/nylon sleeping bag would burn uncontrollably fast / melt into my skin! I wish my sleeping bag was fire retardant. A SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag using our ThermalTrex® fabric - creates the needed change for consumers to think safety - impacting every user, every use, in the home or camping. Fires can happen anywhere - at home or campsites - this innovation creates fire awareness into any product using traditional fireball Polar Fleece / Fleece. Imagine new product lines. All from an idea to help save homeless - creating SEASONFORT into a social enterprise owned by Backpack Bed for Homeless.

  • The SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag uses a navy coloured 330gsm ThermalTrex® Polar Fleece to create even warmth of between 15 and 1 degree (EN13537). Weighing only 1kg, the rectangular size of 190x79cm - can convert into a double 190x159cm. The top and bottom YKK zips each have dual zip pullers connected to black with silver reflective ropes for quick sighting in low light. The YKK zips also allow a user to open the foot-end and walk around cozy and warm wherever that may be. A luxurious black nylon trim at the head-end is complemented by two modern woven labels displaying SEASONFORT® and ThermalTrex® branding. Beside these woven labels is a green and blue ribbon denoting that profits from any sales of the social enterprise SEASONFORT - assist the homeless projects of Backpack Bed for Homeless. SEASONFORT products all have multiple uses. The SEASONFORT FR Sleeping Bag is stored in a 6L dry bag with one handle each end. While the sleeping bag is in use - the dry bag can be used for other storage functions. The dry bag is expertly tape sealed to ensure contents are dry and protected. The dry bag has SEASONFORT digitally printed and looks incredible.