Clipsal MAX9

  • 2022

Designed By:

  • Tim Turrini-Rochford
  • Leihong Zheng
  • Wenda Zhu
  • Carmen He

Commissioned By:

Schneider Electric


Designed In:


Circuit breakers are potentially life-saving technology, present in all modern homes. MAX9 is a new range of circuit breakers. Prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and form, the innovation of MAX9 introduces a systematic product architecture and install method that revolutionizes the user experience for electricians.

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  • Electricians have had to undertake messy and time-consuming installation processes while end users do not understand the function and the necessity of circuit protection. The design challenge was to provide innovations the improve the install experience while making the product more relevant to the end users, the residential homeowner.

  • Unlike its competitors, MAX9 eliminates the need to connect cables to RCBOs and is one of the neatest systems available on the market. This allows for a 15x faster installation when compared to traditional wiring. The unique form and graphics create a feeling of order and a job well done when the full system is installed and unique design elements such as the green grip on the toggle highlight to the end users what they should interact with. In addition unique pictograms communicate to the end user the function of each product.

  • Circuit protection is not a category of products that is the focus of quality design. Bringing the design team into this product allows it to achieve a higher quality look and feel than its price point would suggest and the system approach reinforces a perception of quality and innovation around the brand.

  • MAX9 is part of our Green Premium program. Green Premium brings improved resource efficiency throughout an asset’s lifecycle. This includes efficient use of energy and natural resources, along with the minimization of CO2 emissions.