ROLF Spectacles Eyewear Sapphire 92

  • 2015

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • ROLF Spectacles
  • Roland Wolf
  • Martin Iljazovic
  • Marija Iljazovic
  • Christian Wolf

Commissioned By:

ROLF Spectacles

Designed In:


The eyewear frame “Sapphire 92” in bog oak-maple-bog oak out of the “evolved collection” represents a fine example of ROLF Spectacles’ natural eyewear handcrafted in Tirol, Austria. The delicate and noble frame is of sheer elegance. The design is subtle and timeless with a highlight on the precision and the loving attention to detail in the finishing process. The unique features include the special lens-glazing system and the patented wooden hinge, both invented by ROLF Spectacles. The “evolved collection” combines finest natural materials, excellent design quality and high-quality processing with real craftsmanship. The frames come with a wooden case, which is also handmade and produced in-house in the Tirol.

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  • The design of the frame is styled to be appealing to the female spectacle wearer with an acquired taste. The form of the frame conveys the function and use of the product unambiguously and unmistakeably. The designs are based on classic cars, which undoubtedly is an interesting feature that adds to the character of the product.

  • The product performs the function it was designed for, serving its purpose as an eyewear frame. The wooden eyewear frames are comfortable to wear with specially shaped temple tips and tapering of the temples for easy adjustment and a perfect fit. The frames are extremely light, without any metal or screws, antistatic, antiallergic and maintenance-free. The patented wooden hinge also has an integrated opening and closing mechanism that prevents the temple from touching the lens. The special lens-glazing system allows glazing without having to cut through the frame resulting in thinner, more elegant frames. Two unique features that were invented by ROLF Spectacles in order to make the impossible possible.

  • The product is designed, developed and manufactured in the in-house production in the Tirol, not just the frames are produced on-site but also the cases and other accessories. With short distances in the production process and the communication, the product is highly sustainable. The frames are made out of the natural material wood which only adds to the sustainability factor.

  • ROLF Spectacles combines excellent eyewear design with finest natural materials, innovative technologies and high levels of craftsmanship. The emphasis is on the high-quality finish, which is carried out by skilled, experienced hands and requires concentration, precision and love for detail. The desired quality and strong belief in the in-house production manifests itself in the price, with the best materials and technologies being chosen. The aim is to constantly increase the product quality, hence the investment in the in-house research & development as well as production - quality in design, durability and comfort matter!

    The new design “Sapphire 92” is part of the “evolved collection”, having been introduced to the market in January 2015. The design uses the material wood with a combination of bog oak (outer and inner layers) and maple (core), which gives the frame its distinctive look. The technologies implied are the special lens-glazing system, which allows for the glazing of wooden frames, and the wooden hinge - both very clever features that make the frames unique. The two patented inventions are undoubtedly “world first features”.