Samsung French Door Refrigerator

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

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Korea, Republic of

Built for Aussie kitchens, Samsung’s 7000 Series French Door Fridge range merges style and convenience. This fridge was designed in Korea to offer an innovative Autofill Jug, flexible storage and new innovations. One of the main features is the Beverage Centre, which is a door-in-door solution to house the Autofill Jug, water dispenser and drink storage all within one hygienic and handy location.

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  • Samsung research indicates that 60% of consumers consider water dispensers as a must-have/important feature when buying a fridge . They're looking for convenience to support their busy lifestyles - someone in the family is always forgetting to fill up the ice tray or water jug. Our interest in hygiene around the home has increased and most Australian kitchens have a standard fridge cavity of 1800mm. As a nation we're known to entertain so we're looking for fridge that is functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

  • An entertainers dream, serve cold water instantly from fridge with the convenient Autofill Infuser Water Jug. The jug automatically refills every time it's placed back into the fridge, making empty water jugs a thing of the past. Hidden neatly within the Beverage Centre that also houses the water dispenser. The Dual Ice Maker located in the freezer, produce both Ice Bites which quickly chill drinks and regular ice cubes. Available in silver or black at a height of under 1800mm to fit a standard kitchen cavity, accompanied with a premium flat door design and recessed handles with antimicrobial coating^.

  • A premium finish French Door Fridge that offers a minimalist flat door design, in your choice of black or silver. Grab a glass of cold infused water at any time, and top it off with your choice of Cubed Ice or Ice Bites. The innovative Beverage Centre stores the Autofill Water Jug, water dispenser and drink storage all within one hygienic and handy location. The Anti-Fingerprint Finish prevents left over hand marks from deteriorating the stylish look of the exterior. Built for Australian kitchens, the All Around Cooling Technology assists in maintaining cool air so food stays fresher for longer.

  • The Autofill Infuser Water Jug serves cold water instantly from the fridge; for a nice change add some flavour into the infuser for a distinct pleasing taste*. The Ice Maker can hold up to 3.1kgs of ice and is stored within the freezer to allow increase fridge cabin space. Creating more internal fridge space is the Big Bottle Door Bins; these provide convenient access to store a large variety of 3L and 2L bottles. Always have plenty of vegetables and fruits available to you in the large capacity Big Crispers. The Power Cool and Power Freeze features work to quickly cool or chill newly stored foods or drinks. All Around Cooling Technology assists maintaining cool air within the cabin by consistently checking the temperature and adjusting air flow when needed.