Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Blackmagic Design

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The ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is the world’s most compact, all-in-one professional live television production switcher and control panel designed specifically to empower a new generation of live content creators. Offering unrivalled portability, an integrated live streaming engine and mobile tethering it enables professional live broadcasting from any location.

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  • The growing predominance of streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live has seen a dramatic shift in viewing tendencies, with audiences increasingly seeking out more personalised experiences tailored specifically to their interests or local communities. Rapid news cycles, along with the explosion of live gaming and e-sports events have all fuelled this hunger for more personalised, niche content. This in turn has driven a need for immediacy, responsiveness and flexibility from broadcasters looking to gain traction with ever more splintered audiences, leading to a dramatic shift in the ways in which live television is being produced and broadcast.

  • Until now, the ability for independent producers to live stream broadcast quality content from remote or difficult locations was severely hindered without extensive infrastructure and large support crews. Tailored specifically toward distributed remote workflows made commonplace in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is equipped with a complete set of live production, post-production and distribution tools. Pairing exceptional portability with the high capacity data delivery of 5G wireless technology and mobile devices it enables richer, more engaging live experiences regardless of production or viewing location.

  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO allows people to express opinions, views, and ideas to a large audience with unprecedented flexibility and immediacy, helping to foster cultures of open discussion and idea sharing, leading to more inclusive and participatory communities. STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO connects people and communities across geographical boundaries, allowing more people to participate in conversations and share experiences, building stronger and more connected communities. REPAIRABLE AND SUSTAINABLE The modular circuit board architecture found in the ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO eliminates short-term waste by allowing efficient repair or replacement of any component.

  • BUILT-IN STREAMING ENGINE Broadcasters can live stream events to global audiences via H.264 files with AAC audio correctly formatted for YouTube, or via auxiliary outputs to large screens and digital projectors for local audiences. MOBILE TETHERING Leverages mobile data from an Apple or Android phone connected to the USB port; this also acts as a fail-safe back-up for the 10G Ethernet connection. REMOTE CONNECTIVITY Connecting directly to networks via Ethernet and featuring an internal M.2 disk with a media pool of broadcast-quality graphics and animations that can be played back using built-in media players, ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is an end-to-end production tool specifically configured for remote live broadcasting. With professional camera control, talkback and audio mixing in a self-contained, familiar broadcast panel, it allows real-time adjustments from anywhere in the world. This means camera iris, focus and zoom can be controlled from one location, audio levels balanced in another, while graphics and other real-time effects are simultaneously applied in another. POST-PRODUCTION Record up to 8 inputs into a single DaVinci Resolve project for real-time editing, effects and colour correction throughout live productions, regardless of whether teams are set up locally or on the other side of the world.