Samsung AirDresser

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Samsung Electronics

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Samsung Electronics

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Korea, Republic of

Samsung AirDresser is a hygienic new approach to clothing care that helps sanitise garments by removing up to 99.9% of certain bacteria, viruses and allergens using high temperature steam while reducing odours and wrinkles to refresh clothes between washes. It can reduce damage to clothes with low temperature drying and cleaning.

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  • With growing awareness around the spread of germs, increased concern around air quality and the harmful effects of chemicals used in the dry cleaning process, the designers challenged themselves to develop a product that provided a safe, healthy and effective treatment for clothes between washes. Coming up with an easy to install, but also slim and aesthetically pleasing solution to refresh business attire, school uniforms, coats and evening wear. The AirDresser’s designers also wanted to make it convenient and easy for Australians to refresh clothes from the comfort of their home while effectively getting rid of allergens and germs.

  • Samsung AirDresser harnesses the power of steam to effectively remove germs and refresh clothes. JetAir System and AirHangers are designed to blow jets of air that loosen dust and odours2 from both inside and outside clothes while JetSteam technology can remove up to 99.9% of certain germs and allergens1. The built-in deodorizing filter and UV light capture odors caused by smoke, tobacco, sweat and cooking smells while HeatPump technology gently dries clothes at low temperatures to reduce wrinkles. The AirDresser is extremely versatile, refreshing all fabric types (except pleather) and can sanitise leather shoes – great for tradies or school shoes.

  • Samsung AirDresser offers a new standard in clothing care by making it easy and convenient to help remove germs and refresh clothes between washes and limiting trips to the dry cleaner. It can also reduce the risk of damage and shrinkage to delicate items or business attire with its low temperature heat pump drying, thus helping to extend the life of these garments.

  • Samsung AirDresser offers a range of convenient features to the user while refreshing clothes and can remove up to 99.9% of dust, allergens and certain harmful bacteria and viruses1. Not only does it have the tick of approval from the British Asthma Foundation for effectively removing allergens, it has also won IF Gold Design 2020 Awards for its minimalist, modern design. Its free-standing, no-plumbing design and quiet function means the AirDresser can be positioned anywhere in the home or office. It also offers a range of smart features by allowing remote control via compatible smartphones to ensure clothes are refreshed when needed. It also helps optimise results by giving smart advise via SmartThings app and recommending the best treatment cycles for specific clothing fabrics3. Additional new cycles can also be downloaded at any time while ‘Home Care’ enables simple troubleshooting from compatible smartphones. It also helps to keep your cupboard dry and mold-free with the Dehumidification function. When the door is left open, it draws in air from the room, extracting moisture from it and expels dry air to help protect clothes and prevent breathing in mold-causing particles.