Samsung Air Purifier (AX9500)

  • 2020

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Samsung Electronics

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Korea, Republic of

The Samsung AX9500 is a minimalist looking modular air purifier that is designed to keep the air in your home fresh, removing up to 99.97% of fine dust and harmful gases. The AX9500 combines innovative features such as a multi-layered purification system and Wind-Free technology in a sleek metal design.

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  • Samsung’s challenge was to develop a stylish and yet unobtrusive air purifier that disperses clean air gently and quietly across the room, while offering a modular design that lets users combine or detach modules. Samsung also wanted to minimise noise and energy consumption, while reducing the irritation of cold air on skin that users can encounter with other air purifiers.

  • Samsung met this challenge by developing a multi-layered purification system featuring three filters (washable pre-filter, deodorisation filter, HEPA filter with anti-bacteria) to purify gas, odour, up to 99.97% of fine-dust and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The team placed this in a modular casing, enabling up to three units to be joined and detached as needed, while ensuring the exterior maintains a stylish metal design. In addition, the introduction of Wind-Free technology dispersing clean air gently and quietly across the room, maintaining a comfortable environment with less noise and no direct wind thanks to nearly 60,000 micro air holes.

  • The AX9500 lets Australians breathe easy, knowing that the air inside their homes is clear of gas, odours, up to 99.97% of fine dust, and has reduced bacteria. The design shows air pollution levels through colours and numbers and provides handy reminders to clean the filter. This allows users to check the level of air pollution more precisely and see it becoming cleaner as numbers drop on the intuitive display. Thanks to the innovative modular build, users can also combine or detach up to three modules as needed, while the addition of Wind-Free technology reduces the discomfort of direct wind.

  • Other key features include the Laser PM sensor, which detects dust particles as small as 0.3 ㎛ and gaseous contaminants. Its smart detection and display shows the level of air pollution through colours and numbers, making it easier for users to understand the status of air quality, while SmartThings Wi-Fi compatibility lets users take care of their air and check its pollution level anytime, anywhere. SmartThings connectivity offers remote control of the air purifier, while users’ voices can be used via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the AX9500 on or off, check the air quality, control functions and monitor the filter. In addition, the Child Lock prevents unintended changes in the settings from children, while the Filter Change Alarm provides an alert to let users know when they need a new filter, so they can always maintain optimum performance. Washable parts like the pre-filter help make maintenance a breeze, while sleep mode optimises operations so it runs quietly. Plus, powerful Front Air Inflow and Duel Power Fans deliver pure air faster.