Samsung 651L Family Hub 3.0 Smart Refrigerator

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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Samsung Electronics

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Korea, Republic of

Family Hub 3.0 is part of the only range of smart refrigerators in Australia equipped with a Wi-Fi-enabled 21.5-inch screen. It enhances connected living with smart home experiences like syncing family calendars, viewing contents of the fridge while out and about, sharing photos remotely, and much more.

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  • Australians are eating in and entertaining more, making the kitchen the new hub of the house where we spend most of our time. Samsung wanted to create a fridge that could multi-task while simplifying and connecting lives in a way that works in this modern, digital world. Something that would bring time back into our lives by making things like the weekly grocery shopping less of a chore; saving useful mind space by keeping track of what items are inside the fridge and their expiry dates; or keeping the family organised through synced calendars, memos, and to-do lists.

  • Samsung’s Family Hub 3.0 is a fridge that comes with a built-in interface from the future – equipped with an intelligent 21.5-inch Wi-Fi-enabled touch LCD screen with built-in apps that can order groceries, call a ride, check who’s at the door, play your favourite music, mirror what’s on TV, remind you when food’s about to go off, and so much more! Plus, it syncs calendars, memos, and to-do lists; gives recipe suggestions depending on what’s inside the fridge; checks the weather to remind you to carry an umbrella; allows live sharing of photos; and responds to voice commands.

  • Family Hub 3.0’s stylish and intelligent touch screen optimises time spent in the kitchen and minimises time spent on shopping, food management, and family organisation. It’s a platform for experiencing connected living, not only with other members of the family but also through monitoring other Samsung or select appliances using the built-in Smart Things app while at home or outside. It can even transform the kitchen into an entertainment hub, enabling Australians to enjoy their favourite music through its built-in speakers, while TV mirroring makes it easy to keep up with their favourite shows while preparing dinner.

  • Family Hub 3.0 also features an Entertainer’s Drawer, which offers a customisable space with four pre-set temperature settings and spacious storage options that can be optimised for fresh meat, poultry and fish, chilled beverages, deli foods, or wine. These can then be used to create one of the thousands of free recipes Family Hub gives access to via built-in apps. These recipes make it easier for Australians to adopt the healthier eating habits they are seeking in response to concerns around obesity, food sensitivity and the impact of disease. It also features convenient built-in voice-activated controls, enabling Australians to add items to their shopping list, play music, set timers, or search online with just their voice, and it all comes in a stylish stainless steel black finish. Finally, Family Hub 3.0 comes with an advanced cooling system called Twin Cooling Plus, which means there are independent cooling systems operating in the fridge and freezer, helping keep food fresher for longer without the mixing of odours. Samsung undertakes extensive research in Australia to understand the needs of Australians. Where trends are referenced, Samsung has pulled data from its Australians@HOME 2.0 research report and/or the Euromonitor International Megatrends 2018 report.