ResusRight JUNO Monitor

  • 2022

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The ResusRight “Juno” Training Monitor was developed to save babies that need resuscitation at birth from death and disability by improving the standard of resuscitation training and empowering clinicians to deliver higher-quality care.

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Image: ResusRight Juno Monitor
Image: ResusRight Juno Monitor
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  • 10 million babies require resuscitation every year. Up to 300,000 neonatal deaths could be prevented with better training for resuscitation. A baby’s lungs can be damaged in as little as six excessive ventilations. Despite this, clinicians are still trained on manikins that provide no objective feedback on technique and are constrained to only practice skills when a clinical educator is available.

  • Our Juno training monitor is a better way to train. It enables more consistent and more frequent clinical education. The Juno is designed to improve the effectiveness of skills training on neonatal manikins. Although being the primary teaching tool for neonatal resuscitation, most manikins provide no feedback to the clinician about their technique. By providing accurate and objective feedback on resuscitation technique, the Juno enables clinicians to train more productively and ensure they are ready for a real resuscitation. The Juno is intuitive to use, compact and portable to enable it to act as a mass-market training tool.

  • When clinicians have access to a respiratory function monitor and are aware of the magnitude of mask leak during their training, they are more likely to deliver effective ventilation at the end of the training session. It can also enable more frequent training – recommended by the most recent Australian Resuscitation Council 2016 Guidelines. We want to ensure that clinicians around the world are better trained and better equipped for resuscitation. Our non-clinical device, the Juno Training Monitor, allows clinicians to engage in more regular and consistent training to ensure they are prepared for an unexpected resuscitation.

  • Key features Indicates mask seal to ensure the user is learning the correct mask technique Indicates the tidal volume given and the infant size appropriate for a given tidal volume Enables a clinician to train independently of an educator Records data to track performance over time Works with all common resuscitation devices including T-Piece Resuscitators & Self- Inflating Bag