• 2020

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    Furniture and Lighting

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A furniture platform supporting all work-styles with the ability to easily reconfigure. With distributed workers working from anyplace at anytime, lines have blurred between commercial, retail, hospitality and residential spaces. We have deliberately designed for all occasions and locations to maximise applications and relevance and minimise obsolescence and redundancy.

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  • Increased competition and disruption has generated business uncertainty and impacted profitability. Constantly changing work practices have increased new commercial furniture costs while making old solutions redundant, sending them to landfill, affecting bottom line and creating an environmental disaster. Two challenges: Increasing business profitability by reducing waste and increasing efficiency / productivity by providing a greater range of work-settings to support ever-increasing work styles. Eliminate redundant fit-outs going to landfill by designing a platform that provides a common structure on which to build a variety of work-setting and reduce or stop millions of tonnes of office furniture going to landfill each year.

  • With one product we can achieve a vast range of settings - meeting tables, work benches, desks, 120configurations, collaboration setting, retail kiosks and dining tables - with only two structural elements; We overcome cost, culture and branding issues by introducing removable skins and powdercoat options so the base elements are consistent and changes to fashion and aesthetics can be addressed through change of skin (clothing). Progressive entry was addressed to keep initial costs down by designing retrofittable height adjustability in conjunction with upgrading finishes as required. Structural elements are self-supporting i.e. that do not need ballast or connection to other built structures.

  • Creating industry disruption with a 100% re-usable product that meets Haworth’s sustainable guidelines – form E0 worktops and recyclable mild steel, an Australian designed and manufactured product with a global market. Designed to be non – obsolete with an emphasis on re – use, not replacement, Sakuru reduces environmental impact and enhances work - life through user friendly adjustment. Allowing for seamless and timely reconfigurations for relevant work settings, resources no longer wasted on redundant work – settings can be invested in people – centric and social programs as well as greater remuneration for employees.

  • Supply-chain: Sakuru has been designed so that it uses an efficient amount of material requiring very little tooling while maximising an attractive aesthetic. The supply-chain for manufacture is short and simple and because there are only two structural components, stockholding with timely stock-turns means lead-times will set a new industry standard. This also means that buy-back programs and leasing are real options.