• 2021

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    Automotive and Transport

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BRP inc.

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The 2021 Can-Am Commander XT-P provides sporty off-road fun, with a side of rugged functionality. Our Commander is for lovers of the outdoors who need to get things done. Updated for a new generation, it offers a more spirited ride with enhanced comfort and all the utility of the original platform.

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  • Our goal was to offer a side-by-side that updates our popular recreation-utility product line, with a model that puts the focus on the fun, butis just as handy for doing chores. Building on the legacy of the existing offering, we needed to excite customers with a spirited, sporty ride, enabling them to push the limits of speed on rugged trails, while enjoying it to the fullin greater comfort.

  • The new Can-Am Commander XT-P is fun to drive with its efficient, high-performance engine, and its host of off-road-ready features. These include Fox Suspension, 30 in. XPS HammerForce tires on 15 in. cast-aluminium beadlock wheels, LED headlights, and our innovative Smart-Lok front differential that automatically adjusts in milliseconds to provide optimal traction on demand. We also upped its ergonomics to make it comfortable for play or work, and improved its cargo capacity, so it can easily transport camping or hunting gear, as well as animal feed or wood cuttings.

  • The new Can-Am Commander XT-P provides both sport-rec performance and light utility capabilities, with no compromise. As well as being a commercial success, the feedback we have received from our customer community is in line with our ambitions. Our existing product had a very loyal following, and expectations for the new model were high. We knew we had to get the recipe just right, and we're pleased to have given them a product they're very enthusiastic about.

  • Our Smart-Lok technology is the most advanced off-road front differential, fully lockable on-the-fly, with four electronically controlled automatic modes that always return maximum traction in every condition.