Safety Nipper fin for Surf life saving

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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3DFINS Pty Ltd

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Designed in Australia, the Safety Nipper Fin for surf life saving paddle boards offers the best of safety and performance.

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  • We set out to create a Surf life saving fin that would reduce the chance of impact injuries, durable and perform at the highest levels for all level of athletes. To date the Fins used in the Surf life saving surf and rescue craft have been constructed from Fibreglass. The fins are very hard, prone to chipping, wear creating sharp dangerous edges. Surf life saving craft Fins are known to cause impact injuries every year. Concussions, head injuries are a result of coming into contact with the surf craft fin.

  • We set out to design a Surf life saving fin that was safer while performing at the highest level. Designed with soft outer edges that are durable without compromising performance. Designed with rigid inner core material that enables the design to Structural stiffness strength required to perform correctly. Featuring 3DFINS Patented(Australia) Dimple design.

  • The Safety Surf life saving fin is designed to reduce the chance of impact injury resulting from contact with the fin. Our design helps to create a safer environment for Surf life saving programs, event and rescues world wide. The safety features of our design improves confidence and safety for Parents, Kids and members participating in the Surf life saving nipper programs.

  • Designed for Safety and performance. Featuring Durable soft leading and trailing edges. The soft edges maintain normal performance. The design features a Stiff inner core for performance, combined with 3DFINS patented Dimples Technology, proven to reduce drag and improve overall foil performance.