S.A.M. Safety Shield

  • 2020

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Craig Andrews
  • Rohaan Taneja
  • Mario Forster

Commissioned By:

Paul Scott

Designed In:


Working with multiple surgical airway devices, the S.A.M Safety Shield is designed to provide a successful seal between a pressurised medical face mask and the varying facial structures of patients, including beards, whilst also greatly reducing the release of patient aerosolised airway secretions into the operating theatre environment.

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Image: Paul Scott
Image: Paul Scott
Image: Paul Scott
Image: Paul Scott
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  • To date, a pressurised face mask cannot successfully seal against facial hair (especially thick beards) and most surgical airway devices do not offer protection to Health Care Workers (HCW) against patient secretions or their aerosolised airway secretions.

  • S.A.M’s soft and flexible medical grade silicon membrane conforms to varying facial structures and covers all disruptive facial hair when used with a pressurised medical face mask. It can be fitted to multiple surgical airway devices and forms a physical barrier between patient secretions and HCW’s, redirecting aerosolised airway secretions from the patients' mouth onto the posterior part of the device, thus greatly improving infection control within the operating theatre – now an even greater priority with Covid-19.

  • S.A.M’s single material use of medical grade silicon allows for the implementation of several key functional features, is latex free, fully recyclable and very cost effective, especially compared to the benefits it provides. S.A.M allows for a successful face mask seal to all patients, whilst greatly reducing the spread of infectious patient aerosolised airway secretions.

  • The hood shaped membrane can be quickly inverted to provide immediate access to existing surgical airway devices and it’s highly transparent medical grade silicon not only provides an excellent seal, but clear visibility to potential fluid activity around the airway.