Gusto Dust Reduction System

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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Gusto Global Industries

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Gusto DRS (Dust Reduction System) is a patented and revolutionary device that prevents dust ingress and accumulation in caravans, RVs, and motorhomes during travel. With an innovative, compact design, the Gusto DRS is easy to install, requires no structural reinforcing or extensive waterproofing, and functions in the harshest of conditions.

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  • Caravan and camper owners constantly struggle with dust accumulation during transportation. Despite tightly sealing doors, vents, and windows, a fine layer of dust settles inside the vehicle after each trip, especially in typical Australian outback conditions. Traditional dust suppression systems, mounted on caravan roofs, necessitate structural reinforcing and extensive waterproofing, often resulting in leaks and interior damage. The Gusto DRS design challenge was simple. Develop a discreet, simple, and eco focussed wall mounted device that prevents dust ingress and accumulation during travel.

  • The Gusto DRS surpasses expectations, offering effective dust elimination and a seamless user experience. Extensive research on pressure dynamics informed the optimised fan design, specifications, and placement, resulting in a device that can adequately pressurise a 27ft caravan in seconds. The innovative and compact design mounts to a caravan's sidewall and discreetly tucks into an interior cupboard. Users can easily install the Gusto DRS without structural reinforcing, extensive waterproofing, or risking leaks. The DRS is then simply operated with an on/off switch - The device does the rest!

  • With record caravan sales in 2022, Australia's passion for caravanning continues to grow. The Gusto DRS addresses a universal issue for caravan users and does so in an innovative and responsible way - It is powered via a solar rechargeable battery and is designed for optimal airflow efficiency, reducing power consumption. It is also serviceable; the washable lifetime filter will ensure the DRS lasts the life of the caravan. Designed in Australia, for the harsh Australian environment, the DRS delivers to users a high quality design solution that will ensure caravanning remains a favourite Australian pastime for years to come.

  • •Universal design, compatible with most caravans and RVs •IP-rated to prevent dust and water ingress during transport •Durable and vibration resistant design •Pressurizes a 27ft caravan within seconds •Operates when stationary and at speeds exceeding 100 km/h •User serviceable, washable lifetime filter •Dynamic air pressure monitoring to alert users of filter status •Powered by a standard 12-14v solar rechargeable battery •Side wall mounting eliminates the need for structural reinforcing and extensive waterproofing, freeing roof space for solar panels •Compact design fits discreetly inside standard internal cabinets •Promotes sustainability by reducing the need for frequent interior cleaning and preserving vehicle longevity •Enhances user safety by maintaining a cleaner, healthier indoor environment •Novel and patented design for mounting into the side wall of the caravan