Rugged Combo 3 / Folio

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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United States of America

Rugged Combo 3 is a drop protective keyboard case for the 7th gen iPad that provides best typing experience and protects against drops, spills and scratches. Designed in collaboration with educators, administrators and IT specialists, Rugged Combo 3 is the latest generation of best-selling Rugged Combo keyboard cases from Logitech.

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  • In a heavy-duty environment like K-12 classrooms, the product needs to be extremely durable and functional. However, it has to be as light and thin as possible so kids can handle it easily.

  • Rugged Combo 3 is the perfect partner for iPad (7th gen) in the classroom. A durable high-performance membrane seals in the keyboard, protecting it from prying fingers, spilt drinks, and other classroom mishaps. If an accident does occur, crumbs and liquids can be safely wiped clean. Its sturdy design and construction are built to take on daily wear and tear inside K-12 classrooms. The outer fabric of the case is inspired by the luggage industry and was chosen for its resistance to damage including spills. Rugged Combo 3 has been put through scratch, drop, spill, and vibration tests to ensure the highest levels of protection and durability.

  • The design is dedicated to accomplishing all the different usages and modes for the user. The keyboard has a palm rest that folds under to reduce footprint when typing on the lap. The folded keyboard rotates back for easy access when taking pictures. The keyboard can also attach to the back of the holder when the kickstand is open, for a better media consumption experience. The form factor switches from mode to mode in a simple and intuitive way to ensure the different tasks can be achieved in as few steps as possible.

  • ● Keyboard auto on/off - it only turns on the keyboard when you need to type on it ● Tablet first viewing mode - hide keyboard behind the kickstand ● iOS shortcut with one-touch access ● Stylus management