roll + go mealtime mat

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • for kids design team
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg
  • Meyanne Chiam
  • Miroslav Egorov
  • Sylvain Amatoury

Commissioned By: for kids

Designed In:


Get ready to roll with a portable mealtime system. The roll + go mealtime mat integrates multiple feeding essentials into one, empowering weaning babies, toddlers and children to hygienically feed independently from anywhere. Designed in Australia, the soft silicone also means parents and carers can simply roll, pack and go.

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  • Our design challenge was to develop a solution that supports the major developmental milestone of baby-led weaning and early feeding at home, with the added versatility of being portable to support active families to continue with enjoyable, social experiences during a child's feeding journey. Our design needed to support young learners (baby, toddler, preschooler) with food exploration and independent feeding, whilst reducing the stress for parents/carers when taking feeding on-the-go. This means minimising items to pack and carry. And the versatility to accommodate a range of foods either home-prepared/purchased, and a range of communal locations like food courts/cafés/restaurants or other.

  • Lightweight and travel friendly, our roll + go mealtime mat offers a unique feeding solution. Eliminating the need for multiple items, the silicone mat combines a rimmed placemat, 180ml bowl, divided plate, and spoon into one portable mealtime system that is easily rolled and secured using the integrated loop, when not in use. Supporting children to self-feed despite location, the mealtime mat fits most standard highchair trays and tabletops (at home/food courts/cafes/restaurant and other) to provide a safe, hygienic surface at mealtimes. Parents/carers don't need to worry about children damaging or being hurt by crockery/cutlery/glassware intended for a more experienced user.

  • Our roll + go mealtime mat supports the major developmental milestone of self-feeding. An easy-to-use mealtime system, it empowers children to explore and feed freely with their hands or with the included spoon, when out-and-about with their families. The familiarity of the mealtime mat gives children confidence regardless of new flavours or locations, and the repetition of self-feeding skills supports the learning journey and helps baby to succeed with eating independence. The open, multi-functional feeding surface provides for a variety of foods, whilst giving children a clear understanding of their meal with colors, shapes and textures to support sensory stimulation.

  • Our roll + go mealtime mat has a raised outer-rim to minimise spills outside of the mat surface. Dividers keep dry foods and flavours separate. The integrated bowl accommodates wet foods, with a curved edge so children can push/scoop food using hands or the included spoon. The deep-scoop spoon helps to contain food and the angled handle encourages correct hand-to-mouth positioning. Gloss under-side keeps mat in place for peace of mind. All integrated features support children to succeed with eating independence and the development of motor skills. Furthermore, to accommodate a wide variety of foods. Easily rolled-up and secured with the integrated loop for storage and transportability. When unrolled and laid flat on a table surface, the loop can be tucked underneath the mat during feeding so there is no distraction. At the conclusion of feeding, the mat can be wiped over, rolled and secured to fit compactly into bag, pram or other. Easy to clean, with minimal crevasses our mealtime mat can be washed by hand, dishwasher, steamed, boiled or sterilised. Can also be used in the microwave. Made from 100% food grade silicone, our mealtime mat is break-free, odour-free, soft and safe for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to use.