REWTS TEA BAR Brand Design

  • 2016

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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This project develops the brand design for REWTS TEA BAR as a redefinition of experiencing tea in a bar-like setting. Brand concept of being healthy, yet interesting is projected by the logo’s minimalistic, yet meaningful design.

  • To visualize the brand name, the logo focuses on the initials “R” and “T” as a motif for “Rewts” and “Tea”, with the “T” doubling as the “Bar”. Brand concept of being healthy, yet interesting is projected by the logo's minimalistic, yet meaningful design. From left to right, it's composed of a tea leaf, side view of a bar, and a straw that really captures the essential elements of the Rewts tea experience of being healthy, casual, and easy.

  • Inspired by the screen rotation feature, this menu hosts a landscape orientation that allows for an expanded menu to co-exist with a simplified menu on the same piece of paper. It aims to help customers order efficiently, from the novice looking to make a quick choice to the enthusiasts who appreciates all the details. Customers are greeted with the “short-cut” page highlighting the recommended items. By rotating the menu, it expands to contain additional descriptions and choices. Part of Rewts mission is to make tea drinking an easier experience, yet still quality, which this menu embodies.