Rebirth of Warehouse

  • 2022

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • Kao Shih Chieh

Commissioned By:

Kao Shih Chieh

Designed In:


It is a street house more than 40 years old and has long been used as a warehouse. The designer wants to keep the primitive ambiance of the indoor space and makes it into a studio. The industrial style is adopted to build the overall indoor space.

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Image: Hey! Cheese
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Image: Hey! Cheese
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  • The warehouse is located in a narrow lane. Affected by orographical rain for years, it has the serious problem of wall mold. The exterior wall of the building had been damaged and cannot prevent the intrusion of water. Plus, the location in a lane causes the problem of insufficient light.

  • The concealment of office space is abandoned, and a window is designed to open the inner and outer vision, offering a corner for breathing cushion in the crowded lane; it is also planned to become a small place for community communication in the future. The embellishment of iron pieces, old things, dried flowers, and plants brings boundless vitality. Some plants are grown in the seams of the walls, which has the spirit of returning to nature and the metaphor for rebirth.

  • The design of the entire room takes reduction as the main concept. The materials are mainly made of iron parts that are easy to recycle and reuse, reducing construction waste that will be generated in future reconstruction.

  • For the façade, glass is used to replace partitions to prevent the distance between the people indoors and outdoors and attract the passersby who may feel curious about the activities in the space.