RB Series Collaborative Robot

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Rainbow Robotics Inc.

Designed In:

Korea, Republic of

Collaborative Robots (Co-bot) are engineered for repetitive tasks so they can work hand in hand with humans safely. However, traditionally engineers focus on technology rather than usability, making it hard to adopt in everyday work environments. In 2018, Rainbow Robotics approached Tangerine to launch their first fully designed Co-bot.

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  • To design a Co-bot that could work alongside people in a variety of different work environments and to establish a brand and design identity for Rainbow Robotics and their Co-bot line to set them apart in the market. The goal was to develop an identity and design that would fast-track the adoption of the advanced technologies, with a new approach to design and engineering that could allow the Co-bots to seamlessly work with people and their environments. The team were challenged to re-interpret the brand, establish company core values and design the identity from logo down to the Co-bot's form.

  • Extensive global research and design collaboration created a Co-bot that any worker can operate easily. Taking inspiration from the word 'rainbow' the DNA for the prism form was created; a shape that users can grab with comfort while indicating the direction the Co-bot arm is moving. From the image-based GUI to the one-touch functionality, training is simplified, reducing implementation time. LED indicators on every joint give real-time feedback, a single button on the teaching pendant ensures error-free path-marking. The RB Series Co-bot has rethought the total experience to advance the adoption of Co-bots with its high-usability factors and error-free experience.

  • The user-friendly design of the RB Series encourages the wider introduction of Co-bots in the workplace, delivering a revolution in the way people work cooperatively with robots. Significantly improved usability and easy operation, through the easy-grip arm, LED feedback on every joint, and one-button operation allows worker use after short training with little required technical knowledge. The new image-based GUI offers easy programming with secure user access for operators and programmers. Technologies are housed in translucent modular joints, so parts can be seen and easily maintained. To reduce environmental impact all parts are designed for simple assembly, disassembly and repair.

  • Rainbow Robotics is a new business developed from the humanoid robot research centre of KAIST in South Korea. A company of experts who had created Korea's first biped walking humanoid robot (HUBO); whose collective goal is to advance future robotic system engineering technologies for humanoids, co-bots, service robots and space exploration. The collaboration between world-renown scientists and international designers kick-started with an in-depth immersion into a diverse range of environments, including food and beverage, retail, medical and manufacturing facilities in UK and South Korea. The aim was to research environments where Co-Bots had the potential to bring value and efficiency too. Observations included interviews with experts and workers, analysing workflows within different spaces to identify user pain points and spotting opportunities for the next generation of co-bots. The team also visited top manufacturing and robotic Expos in Japan and Germany to gain a deeper understanding of the automation industry. One of the key findings identified that, although Co-bots are designed to work alongside people, they were too complex to use and required an engineer's expertise and training to operate. A significant failing for target markets, who demanded simplicity, performance, portable size, desirable design, and easy repair for long-term investment.