VP3 Perspective Drawing Board

  • 2022

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Designability Group Pty Ltd

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The VP3 perspective drawing board allows users to draw in perfect perspective quickly and intuitively. This is a great tool for creative people who want to get their ideas out of their head without worrying about limited drawing skill.

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  • Most people say they are creative, but also admit to not being good at drawing. The challenge is to help non-drawers develop their creative ideas by making drawing easy. The solution needed to enable users to produce realistic drawings, but it needed to be considered as a creativity tool first. It needed to be useful for designers, craftspeople and school students. It needed to be simple and intuitive to use, and able to withstand the rigours of the classroom. The solution needs to be long lasting with a useful life of no less than 15 years.

  • The VP3 is a physical drawing board which enables the generation of rapid perspective drawings. Featuring three curved slots and a separate 'tracking rule' which fits into the slots. The user affixes a piece of paper to the board, and when a line is drawn using the tracking rule in a slot, it will obey the rules of perspective and the user will automatically draw 'correct' lines. This way the user can concentrate on being creative rather than worrying about drawing a wrong line. Product graphics are minimal to downplay the technical nature behind the product. Tough materials are used.

  • The VP3 has been embraced by schools and craftspeople as a useful design tool. Highly regarded for its simplicity, teachers like how little instruction and correction is required. Made from tough materials, VP3 boards are standing the test of time, they do not need replacing fro many years. The best way for this product to be sustainable is for it to be long lasting. Users enjoy the non-computer nature of drawing directly on paper. There is a greater sense of engaging in creativity. Non-drawers comment on how easy the system is to use.

  • The tracking rule is designed to be used on either face so it doesn't matter which way the user puts it in the slots. One of the edges of the tracking rule indicates clearly with bumps that it is not used for drawing. The system comes in two sizes to cater for A4 and A3 page sizes. An important part of the product is ellipse template which is used to draw circles in perspective. This is designed specifically for use with the VP3 board. Notably there are no measurements on the board or tracking rule because normal scale cannot be used in perspective. If a user does want more accuracy then they can use the online calculator which will give them the line lengths to draw after entering the actual line lengths, effectively becoming a way to use scale in perspective. Go to https://vp3calculator.web.app/ The product comes in a dedicated carry case. There is somewhere to 'park' the tracking rule on the board when not in use.