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  • 2022

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Sophie Kovic

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We created our Bar range to give people a beautiful, high-quality, sustainable alternative to the daily products they use in plastic bottles. With a mission to lessen our impact on the planet, our Bars are zero waste, waterless, plastic-free and come in compostable packaging. Better for people & the planet.

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  • The assumption is that plastics are recycled in Australia however, in 2018/19 about 85% of discarded plastics were sent to landfill. The majority of liquid products purchased on mass for the home such as Shampoo, Dish Liquid and Stain Removers are packaged in plastic, contain large amounts of water and are made from synthetic ingredients that are known to be harmful to people and the planet. Our aim was to develop a sustainable solution to this that would seamlessly fit into peoples lives, and so our Bar range was born.

  • We've created a practical, functional and plastic-free Bar range including Body Bars, Shampoo Bar, Conditioner Bars, Dish Bars, Stain Remover Bars, Veggie Cleaning Bar and Face Bars to help customers eliminate plastic bottles across a number of areas of their lives. Beyond being plastic-free, we've created a formula that's free from nasties and works just as well, if not better, than plastic alternatives while leaving zero waste behind. We tested multiple samples using different formulations and ingredients and tested these on ourselves until we were happy with the performance and aesthetic of the product.

  • Since launching in 2019, our Bar range has eliminated over 600,900 plastic bottles and over 153,230 litres of water from liquid products which has an incredibly positive impact on our environment. Not only are our Bars plastic and water-free, they're also free from Palm Oil, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS, phthalates, silicones, and PEG’s making them better for human health. Our Bars work either the same or better than conventional alternatives, encouraging consumers to make additional eco-friendly choices. As the desire grows for sustainable alternatives in the home the demand for Bars will increase as will the impact.

  • We designed these Bars with the end consumer in mind; someone that wants to do their bit for the planet, values convenience and wants a quality product that works! The ingredients used are powerful enough to deliver results that we believe are better than conventional products and they are simple and enjoyable to use. Our Bars are all palm-sized making them easy to use and hold whether that's our Dish Bar at the sink or our Shampoo Bar while washing your hair. They all lather incredibly well when added to water which creates the same user experience as a liquid alternatives. We don't use any synthetic fragrances (which are known to have negative effects on human health) we simply use a mix of essential oils to create soothing and calming scents. Our Bars are packaged in cardboard boxes (which can be recycled or composted depending on the end user's waste facilities) that are designed and printed right here in Australia using soy based inks. Our Bars fit inside the cardboard box perfectly which ensures that their carbon footprint is as low as possible with zero excess packaging.