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  • 2022

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Cool Frank (CF) is the only sink organiser you’ll ever need, allowing you to say good-bye to single-use plastic and crowded sink tops. Our little unit combines your hand soap, detergent, dish brush and washer drying rack into a small, stylish and highly functional bench caddy that you’ll like using.

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Image: Cool Frank - Stylish charcoal Organiser on Bench
Image: Cool Frank - Convenient Soap Dispenser
Image: Cool Frank - Smart No Drip Detergent Dispenser
Image: Cool Frank - Laid out assembly view
Image: Cool Frank - Manufacturing Details
Image: Cool Frank - Charcoal in context
Image: Cool Frank - smart and sustainable Packaging
Image: Thanks from Cool Frank Founders - Sian and Bec!
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  • Bec and Sian (Cool Frank's founders) set about overcoming two major challenges in the design and development of the Cool Frank Sink Organiser. The first was how to create a new product that improves the function and performance of cleaning duties around the kitchen sink while remaining aesthetically pleasing for modern home interiors. The second challenge was how this new product platform can discourage the use of single-use plastic cleaning consumables in order to help our threatened environment. The new CF Organiser has undoubtedly provided solutions to both of these issues.

  • The Sink Organiser solution incorporates the following innovative features: - High-quality custom-coloured microfibre cloths - UV-protected, Premium Long-Life Dish Sponges - Anodized aluminium drying racks integrated - Large storage cup for (accessories) - Ergonomic precision dish brush with small diameter head, large diameter bristle pad for easy access to small-mouthed glasses - Large Volume Detergent Dispenser with a No-Leak Silicon Squeezy Valve - Convenient Hand Soap Dispenser - Perforated Drainage Plate - Large Collection Base Tray - Eco-Friendly Packaging The sink organiser is available in two colourways: charcoal speckle and white speckle, ensuring it aesthetically blends in with any kitchen.

  • This will be expounded on later, but the effects of this design effort have had a wide-ranging impact. It has directly enabled the new Cool Frank company to offer its first Sink Organiser product to market. The device itself addresses market latent demand for a stylish, practical, and ecologically friendly on-kitchen-bench wash and hygiene solution. Given Covid's present effect on our health and lifestyle, as well as the ensuing interruptions to supply chain logistics, items like the Cool Frank sink organiser couldn't have arrived at a better time.

  • Despite its understated appearance, the Cool Frank Sink Organizer items are jam-packed with useful innovation and clever features: Dish Brush - Small Head Diameter with Wide Nylon Bristle Pad provides access to small-mouthed Champagne Flutes or vases that are difficult to clean with standard brushes. The brush's handle is ergonomically designed with a Diamond grip. When the Brush Head wears out, just screw on a new one and keep the handle, saving waste and money. Large Storage Cup - Large enough to keep the system's brush as well as other tools. The perforated bottom of the cup allows extra water to trickle down and be neatly contained within the drip trap rather than all over the clean bench surface. Detergent Bottle - Refillable by the user Detergent Bottle has a clever non-leak squeezy squirt valve that delivers just the correct quantity of detergent where you want it. Hand Soap Dispenser - Located at the end of the rack, it has a big paddle top for easy activation by wet hands. Because of its large capacity, it lasts a long period between refills. Micro-fibre Racks - are put into the ideal location by the user to suit their sponges and cloths.