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Vuly Play

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The Vuly Quest monkey bar is a modular play structure like no other. Quest takes the concept of a backyard monkey bar and turns it into a reliable backyard fixture that families can enhance and customise over time – rather than a temporary toy that quickly deteriorates.

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  • Vuly were challenged to create a reliable modular backyard climbing structure that could become a fixture in families' backyards for years to come – a product that could be customised and grow with the needs of the family. Vuly achieved this by designing the Quest, a product that features unparalleled build quality while encompassing Vuly’s signature flair for innovation. Vuly’s Quest is a blend of design, functionality and visually appealing outdoor play equipment. With a brief that called for customisability – along with quality, safety and UV protection – the Quest was designed to exceed all expectations in a modular monkey bar system.

  • As a result of the rigorous design and testing phase, the Quest delivers an innovative approach to safety and durability. The Quest offers countless configuration options, a huge range of accessories and add-ons, sun protection and quality standards like no other, in an easy-to-assemble package – designed to get the whole family playing together. The Quest features a highly robust frame, state-of-the-art Shade Cover and unique accessories that can be easily swapped out for other attachments in Vuly’s range – an expanding range of swings and add-ons to suit every family, at every stage of life.

  • Commercially, Quest helps to diversify Vuly’s product range and establish the brand as an outdoor play company, rather than as a trampoline company. Its presence in this space also strengthens the Vuly brand by drawing new customers to existing segments of the business. Quest has been designed with sustainability in mind. To reduce environmental impact, each component is recyclable, and built to last – leading to fewer disposals.

  • 1. Fully customisable – start with a frame, then configure and add accessories to suit every family 2. Height adjustable frame – adjustable to suit the needs of a growing family 3. Extensive range of accessories and add-ons – something for everyone and easy to swap 4. Accessories that offer cross compatibility with Vuly’s trampolines and swing sets 5. Comes with a Shade Cover for UV protection – Built to provide superior protection from harmful UV rays and made from heavy-duty polypropylene – the only one of it’s kind available 6. Genuine 750kg load rating – so that the whole family can join in on the fun 7. Built to last – frame made from double galvanised steel and powder-coated to protect against rust – backed by an extensive 7 year warranty 8. Zero welds – resulting in no weak points on the frame 9. Tested in the Australian climate – statistics include 3000 hours in harsh sun, 1000 hours in 30km/h winds and 300 hours in pouring rain