Qipao Town

  • 2017

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Qipao Town is located in Shengjiaku at the main core area of Wujiang. Inheriting the thousand-year prosperity of Wujiang and enriched with Jiangnan customs, Qipao Town reforges the elegant and graceful Jiangnan life as well as re-presents the splendid silk culture, both characterized by Qipao and its derivative industries.

  • The principal logo design illustrates an abstract combination of a young lady wearing a Cheongsam (one-piece Chinese dress for women, also known as 'Qipao') and Suzhou-style architectural elements. We extracted the brushwork of Mr. Guanzhong Wu (a great master in painting and drawing) to generate the logotype in a modern and abstract manner. The gable roof appears to be an eave and an oiled paper umbrella held by a Jiangnan lady (eponymously named 'Lady Midnight'). We also considered the concept of the silk culture and incorporated the intrinsic landscape characteristics of small towns in the South of the Yangtze River.