Concourse Smart Wheels for Wheelchairs

  • 2023

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    Medical and Scientific

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The Concourse Smart Wheels for wheelchairs transforms manual wheelchairs to power in seconds. The self-driving electric wheels deliver sophisticated wireless power – a revolutionary and life changing innovation for the disabled and mobility impaired.

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  • 63% of manual wheelchair users will suffer an acute shoulder injury - because arms weren't designed to push wheels all day. For wheelchair users, the freedom of traveling greater distances and gradients independently is the key to a more fulfilling life. Having access to power has traditionally meant an unacceptable compromise in weight, versatility and aesthetics. For wheelchair users their chair is often the most important and personal piece of equipment they own. Any changes must deeply consider and respect the impact it could have to the overall usability, appearance and peace of mind.

  • The Concourse Smart Wheels are self driving electric wheels containing an integrated drive system with motors, batteries and wireless technology platform. They are elegantly designed to simply swap out existing manual wheels to deliver up to 15km of effortless power with precision steering. The solution is compact, lightweight, wireless and highly versatile enabling use across potentially every manual wheelchair on the market.

  • The Concourse Smart Wheels for wheelchairs provide a unique mobility solution for manual wheelchair users delivering greater independence and freedom. Having access to power also reduces the likelihood of shoulder injury, which can compound the mental anguish including further reliance on caregivers. Prevention of these injuries reduces cost that would otherwise fall on the individual, their family and funding bodies. Additionally, more compact and efficient power for wheelchairs has a positive effect on the environment as less resources are required to produce and dispose of (including Lithium) at life cycle end.

  • The Concourse Smart Wheels are also designed for smaller wheel sizes, making them ideal for children. Parents of children with special needs are often frustrated by the lack of mobility equipment appropriate for their child’s development which include physical, language, and cognitive milestones within each age group. It is often said that current offerings are usually just adult chairs scaled down to child size with a few child friendly colours for aesthetic appeal. A child’s cognitive development is rapid from 0-4 years. Studies show a child’s development is 6 times greater if they have independent mobility.