Poolrite Innosphere

  • 2017

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  • The Evolve Group

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The Poolrite Innosphere is the only liquid blow-molded pool filter in the world. The patented process triples the polymer’s strength, making it pound for pound twice the strength of steel.

Manufactured from over 300 bottles, 3000 caps and using 70% less material the Australian made Innosphere has changed pool filters forever.

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  • The Evolve Group developed the patented liquid blow molding process specifically for the Poolrite Innosphere. From the initial brief over decade ago it was found that the standard methods of producing pool filters (rotational molding and fiberglass winding) did not produce consistent results, were environmentally damaging and yielded product that was heavy, difficult and often a cause of injury. The Evolve Group in partnership with several leading specialists developed the liquid blow-molding process on site at their headquarters in Brisbane where it is now undergoing trials for use as beer kegs and other pressure vessels.

  • Through its flexible, seamless design the Innosphere is capable of withstanding in excess of 600kPa and gives an unprecedented fatigue life 3-4 times longer than any competing pool tank. When observed at an atomic state PET is a relaxed cluster of fibres and strands with infrequent lengths and inconsistent strengths. The liquid blow molding process aligns and stretches the fibres, creating a outward strength that exceeds it's own weight in steel 2 times over. In time, as the InnoSphere begins to settle in it's environment, the triangular surface pattern will slowly disperse after the repeated processes of filtering your pool under pressure. This process gradually increases the tank's threshold over time.

  • The Innosphere is the most affordable Australian made polymer tank on the market. Upon release Poolrite secured a record numbers of orders at record margins while distributors and retailers are enjoying higher margins without the need to discount due to the features and benefits. For the consumer they are able to purchase a premium product for less than the cost of low quality imports. The Innosphere also comes with a factory backed 10 year guarantee.

  • The Poolrite InnoSphere aesthetic takes it's influence from the geodetic structure. The geodetic structure is synonymous with strength and unity and so was chosen to subconsciously give the pool owner the confidence and security of a strong product. A pure sphere design without harsh features was purposely retained to ensure the design could withstand high pressures. The subtle surface aesthetic and metallic flake colour were chosen to blend and complement the unit into it's surroundings rather than dominate them.The triangular pattern of the geodetic structure has also been carried on throughout the revised Poolrite range and is now seen as the visual cue for all new Poolrite pool products.

    At less than one third the weight of the competition the Innosphere is more efficient to ship, safer to handle and faster to install. Installations can now be completed solo with little risk of injury or mishap. The Innosphere also has the unique ability of being the only pool filter able to be compressed and then pushed back to shape for transport through doorways or tight passageways. Compression and reshaping of the Innosphere does not affect the life, function or warranty of the unit.

    The reduced weight of the Innosphere has the additional benefit of significantly reducing it's carbon footprint. The required energy to freight the units is a fraction compared to the competition, the amount of material used is only a few kilos compared to well over 10, the amount of energy consumed in manufacturing is less than one-tenth when compared to rotationally molded counterparts and above all else each unit is made from recycled PET (body) and recycled PP (base and logo). In each Innosphere body over 300 bottles and in the base and logo over 3000 caps are diverted from the waste stream by being recycled into each Innosphere. The Innosphere can also be 100% recycled at the end of it's life.

    The Innosphere is the not only the strongest and most affordable pool filter on the market but is also the most consistent. The liquid blow molding process ensures consistent results with the machine able to self-diagnose and alert the operator to withdraw rejects even if there is no visual defects. The pre-forms are manufactured in the same facility and undergo individual QA checks involving different light spectrums before moving to the liquid blow molder. The liquid blow molding machine developed by The Evolve Group monitors the pre-forms,the machine and the external environment and tailors the molding conditions in real time to deliver the most consistent and high quality pool filter in the world.