Pine Ave

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Cera Stribley
  • The Stella Collective

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Imbuing Elwood’s effortless combination of beachside luxury, and Art Deco Design, Pine Ave is a multi-residential response to living needs. Each home curated and meticulously considered, the design focuses significantly on spatial planning and architectural interventions to create light and open floor plans embracing contemporary living.

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Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
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Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
Image: Emily Bartlett Photography
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  • The main design challenge was to create a sense of a single, private dwelling within a multi residential context. It was important that each resident has a strong sense of identity and individuality even though they are buying into a series of townhouses. The context was also a challenge, that being a Melbourne beachside locale but also a neighbourhood with an established, predominantly heritage character. So achieving the right aesthetic for the architectural form, and the right scale of the project was essential to the success of the development.

  • Designing these townhouses to ensure privacy through individual entrances was one of the keys to overcoming that challenge that we faced in terms of creating a sense of an individual residence. Each house has its own ‘entryway’ and a customised house number. Opening into a triple height space is quite special too. To further enhance those experiences, from inside each townhouse, operable white perforated folding panels are introduced for the inhabitant to control light and privacy. Internally, they cast delicate patterns and diffuse the light. It is these features throughout Pine Ave that instils the project with personal sensibility.

  • Pine Ave implemented and prioritised a variety of sustainable principles into its design; Cross ventilation, water saving fixtures, in conjunction to intelligent and efficient HVAC systems and high performing thermal envelopes which ensured that both passive and active measures were integrated. Holistically, the design strikes a balance between environmental systems and design, creating a form which achieved an average 6.5 star NatHERS rating. The development also aims to cleverly support the increase medium density living in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, by way of well-designed and good quality building that will stand the test of time.

  • Pine Ave drew inspiration from its context; the curvature of sections of the façade, as well as the materiality of the white bricks selected pays homage to the art-deco neighbourhood character of its locale. With this in mind, the design creates juxtaposition between the heritage and the more contemporary side of the beach side suburb, which has become a mecca for the a ‘bohemian-luxe’ demographic. This is reflected in the interior finishes and fixtures, designed by collaborating studio The Stella Collective. Communal spaces in the basement and communal pathways have promoted and encouraged social interaction, and a sub-community to be developed amongst home owners. While the building still maintains the individuality of the houses themselves. Pine Ave was progressive from start to finish; motivated by collaborating with a variety of specialists to create a truly unique outcome. Each element of the design was meticulously considered, creating a balanced, refined form, which respects the heritage of its context, and reinvents multi-residential design.