Phoebe Adaptable Lamps

  • 2016

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Where North Meets South

Commissioned By:

Where North Meets South

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Phoebe Lamps are a unique range of table and floor lamps made in Australia. Our innovative lamp shade design can easily be adapted to suit a space, a style, to personalise or to create the ideal gift. One lamp, a world of opportunities!

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  • Phoebe lamps are a unique, elegant and at the same time playful lamp range with adaptable shades and interchangeable bases. Our innovative customisable shade design allows for easy change of the lamps appearance to suit a style, to personalise or to create the ideal gift. The shade design is made up of two layers of polypropylene with a sheet of usually printed paper held firmly in place and protected between the polypropylene layers. The bases are interchangeable for increased versatility as well as slot together for packaging and transport purposes. The unique and innovative design of the Phoebe lamp offers the customer a lighting solution with infinite options.

  • The Phoebe lamp was created out of a need we saw for a lighting product that could be easily adapted to suit or change a space and that was also portable. The solution is a lamp designed to suit a variety of spaces and uses by simply changing the shade insert sheet. The lamp can softly light a nursery, sit on a bedside table to read by, be an ambient statement in a lounge room or be tailored to a client specific need. A key benefit of the Phoebe lamp is that the shade can be customised by the user directly using printed designs, original artwork, children's drawings, photos or even fabric. The flat packed format allows the lamp to be safely transported, it is cost efficient and has a low environmental impact.