Research Lamp for Plant Growth Optimisation

  • 2023

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Phil McKenzie
  • Aaron Hickmann

Commissioned By:


The University of Adelaide

Designed In:


Our LED light has been developed specifically for research purposes, featuring the ability to create custom light output that can be fine-tuned and adjusted in intensity and colour. The product permits a researcher to develop more energy and resource efficient plant growth solutions for commercial applications.

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Image: Silvio Francisco
Image: Kelly Cummings
Image: Kelly Cummings
Image: Kelly Cummings
Image: Silvio Francisco
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  • The design challenge was to create a LED light that could output custom lighting specta and intensity. A research can use this to define optimal lighting parameter for plant growth, taking into account different plant types, growth stages, and environmental conditions. The challenge was to develop a sleek and usable product featuring an intuitive interface that could be easily used by researchers to experiment with and fine-tune the lighting configurations to achieve the best possible results.

  • The design solution involved a combination of mechanical and electrical development. The product incorporates high-quality Light Emitting Diodes of a wide range of wavelengths, individually addressable in intensity by the end user. The control interface allows users to fine-tune the light output by adjusting the intensity and colour of the LEDs, and creating custom lighting programs for different plant types and growth stages. The design process involved extensive testing and optimisation to ensure that the product could deliver consistent and reliable results.

  • The design impact of our product is significant, both from a commercial and an environmental perspective. The LED light can enable researchers to develop more energy and resource efficient plant growth lighting profiles, which can lead to reduced waste, lower energy costs, and increased crop yields. This can have a positive impact on the environment, as well as help address global food security challenges. From a societal perspective, the product has the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of people by enabling the production of fresh, nutritious food in urban environments.

  • Our LED light features individual fine-tuned light output control, allowing researchers and growers to customise the light spectrum and intensity to meet the specific needs of different plant types and growth stages. This level of control enables users to adjust the brightness and colour of each LED individually, resulting in a highly precise and efficient lighting solution. The product is also incredibly energy efficient, with a wide range of brightness control that can deliver optimal results while minimising energy consumption. This feature can help reduce energy costs and environmental impact, making it an attractive option for sustainable indoor agriculture and horticulture.