Philips AquaTrio Pro

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Royal Philips

Designed In:

The Netherlands

The result of over nine years’ development, the AquaTrio Pro is the only cleaner to deliver truly clean surfaces and floors. Removing dirt, dust and , allergens and bacteria, the wet cleaner cleans and freshens your floor in one go. , sanitizes and adds shine.
Separate clean and dirty water tanks ensure constant cleaning power, cleaning more than 60m2 with one water tank, and the AquaTrio Pro is effective with cold or warm tap water, with or without the use of detergent.
Ideal for all hard floors, the AquaTrio Pro effectively and thoroughly removes dirt, sticky stains and liquids, and floors dry up to 50% faster compared to wet cleaning with a traditional mop and bucket.

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  • The AquaTrio Pro's Cyclonic Vacuuming function efficiently sucks up dust and loose dirt like a regular vacuum cleaner.

  • The AquaTrio Pro performs wet mopping as the first fast rotating brush effectively and quickly removes stains and spills from any hard floor surface.

  • The AquaTrio Pro begins drying as the second fast rotating brush absorbs the remaining water. This reduces the drying time by as much as 50% compared to manual mopping.