Pepsi Spire 3.0

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Pepsi Spire 3.0 is a digital touchscreen fountain dispenser that delivers a fun, engaging consumer experience with smart equipment technology. It offers consumers the ability to be their own mixologist. Using Pepsi Spire 3.0 is easy—choose a drink, mix in flavor shots and enjoy a uniquely personal drink experience.

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  • There is a growing trend of consumers looking to customize their favorite beverage. In order to deliver a breakthrough innovation for beverage customization, the Pepsi Spire family of beverage dispensers began with understanding the unmet needs of consumers, our internal stakeholders, and foodservice operators. Using consumer research and in-market observations, we uncovered distinct form architectures and digital opportunities to provide a personal and engaging experience that is both intuitive and quick to operate. The challenge was to provide new, innovative consumer engagement that allows people to explore unique drink combinations on a machine with an interface that is attractive, fun and easy to use.

  • The creation of Pepsi Spire 3.0 addressed the need for Pepsi Spire technology with a smaller footprint, giving it greater flexibility to fit in the spaces of a variety of customers. Pepsi Spire 3.0 utilizes a personal 15.6” touchscreen and combines it with an integrated ice dispensing capability within a medium footprint that provides versatility to fit into various restaurant types. Pepsi Spire 3.0 is the latest part of a new digital equipment innovation portfolio to bring variety and engagement to the consumers.

  • Pepsi Spire 3.0 can pour up to three flavor shots, simultaneously, with any featured beverage. The design intimately combines digital with the physical. The form clearly communicates key usability features and locations while it appears as if the consumer is digitally mixing their favorite drink before it pours physically into the cup. The subtle halo lighting around the flowing display surface and pouring area changes color to represent the selected brands. Pepsi Spire's carefully considered, user-centric design details include: ergonomic touchscreen positioning, thoughtful light staging, cup placement and nozzle details, and an intuitive user interface designed for immediate, spontaneous engagement.