• 2016

  • Social Impact

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Patchwork is a web-based app that connects practitioners from agencies around their shared clients. Patchwork supports building a culture of collaboration and information sharing across agencies.Patchwork is currently playing a crucial role in multiple NSW and VIC government agencies enabling more joined up services and support for vulnerable people.

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  • Patchwork came out of the Baby P tragedy in the UK and other recent child abuse cases in VIC and NSW. These cases highlighted failings across many child protection agencies and led to the development of Patchwork tool that allowed child casework practitioners to easily add and maintain their client contact details in a combined list of clients. The tool is simple by design to allow relationship building with other providers and avoid complex piracy issues. Patchwork reveals the hidden network of practitioners working with a client meaning users are able to know who they should be contacting to join up the services they provide and in doing so helped breaks down agency silos.

  • Patchwork allows practitioners to flag to one another when they feel that a client needs extra attention, as previously it was not always easy for practitioners to alert one another about niggling client concerns. This tool enables earlier intervention when a practitioner knows who the whole team working with their client is and combined with any attentions that are raised, it's much easier to co-ordinate their efforts, before a situation escalates and requires an intervention.