Palm Unbreakable Plate and Bowl Collection

  • 2015

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    Housewares and Objects

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Palm Products

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The Palm Unbreakable Plates and Bowl collection is designed for outdoor and marine use.

Two disruptive technologies are used to create a beautiful, more user friendly and more sustainable collection that has been made possible by using melamine.

The first disruptive technology is the use of a new high-density, super-tough material that is 37% renewably sourced. It overcomes the scratch-resistant constraint of plastic, and being 100% recyclable, overcomes the 0% recyclability of melamine. The collection is guaranteed to be unbreakable in normal use.

The second disruptive technology is the use of 2-shot moulding to add an integral coloured non-slip ring that enhances appearance and function.

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  • The surfaces blend seamlessly from one curve to another. The shapes are open and welcoming. The toughness of the material enables the rims to be fine. The surfaces have a mirror finish - which is not possible with melamine. The outer shapes are slightly different to the inside ones. The operating surfaces are flat.

  • There are 2 plates - 250mm and 210mm diameter and a bowl of 150mm diameter. The edges of the plates are raised for easy holding and to restrain the contents. Similarly, the bowl is deep to restrain the contents and is tapered for easy holding. The collection stacks securely and efficiently for transport and for storage (often in boats or RV's). The sizes fit in typical galleys and RVs and are a suitable size for outdoor use. The materials used are dishwasher safe and microwave safe (melamine is not recommended for microwave.) They are suitable for children.

  • A non-slip ring is moulded on the base using 2-shot injection moulding. A chemical bond between the 2 materials ensure that it cannot come off and importantly cannot collect debris from washing. In some melamine plates, a non-slip ring is press fitted or glued into an annulus. Debris invariably collects between the annulus and the ring. Press-fit rings will stress relieve with hot water washing and can fall out. The Non-slip rings aids stability on smooth, uneven or moving surfaces. The softness of the ring makes a solid clunk when put down and protects surfaces from scratching. The heat insulating properties of the ring enable hot food to be insulated from a table surface.

  • Consumers will generally use ceramic plates unless the risk of breakage is unacceptable or a safety issue. This tough material when combined with robust design enables the collection to be guaranteed unbreakable in normal use. Melamine plates are break-resistant so only partially fill their primary role.

    This new material has a density 1.32 and a high surface finish giving it a hardness that resists scratching. Additives have been developed to bring its scratch resistance close to that of quality melamine. This feature brings a practicality previously lacking and is a significant advance.

    This collection is produced in Palm Products' facility in Melbourne and is being released worldwide. Asian cost competitiveness is necessary for the collection to be economically sustainable. This has been achieved by designing the collection, the dies and the production cell as one system. Fully-automated, zero-manufacture reject production is the result.