Rediroom – Instant Patient Isolation Room

  • 2021

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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GAMA Healthcare

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The Rediroom mobile cart transforms into a fully operational isolation room in under 5 minutes – with just a single person operating it. With a HEPA-filtration system, this Australian designed product also removes 99.5% of infectious droplets from the air to ensure the isolation room is fully air-filtered.

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  • 1 in every 10 patients in an Australian hospital has a healthcare-associated infection. Despite that staggering statistic, the rise of antibiotic resistance and our experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic, we still have a shortage of isolation spaces in healthcare. That forces infectious patients to be cared for on an open ward, spreading infections to those around them. Rediroom was conceived to solve that problem. That meant needed to be suitable for the most common healthcare associated infections - many of which spread through respiratory droplets. And, if it's housing infectious patients, it needed to be easy to decontaminate.

  • Rediroom is the world's first mobile isolation room. It transforms from a mobile PPE cart into a fully operational patient isolation room around an existing bed space. It can even be deployed whilst the patient is still in bed - safely isolating bedbound patients. Because Rediroom is mobile, it allows hospitals to increase their isolation capacity wherever it's needed - rather than sending patients to a spare isolation bed on an unrelated ward as is common practice. Rediroom offers protection from the most common infections. The physical barrier and hands-free entry/exit help limit spread of contact pathogens and reducing the risk of hand transmission. In-built HEPA and carbon air filters remove 99.5% of respiratory droplets down to 0.3 micrometres before returning infectious air to the open ward - more efficient than an N95 respirator.

  • Originally designed to address the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms within healthcare, Rediroom had an accelerated rollout across the globe in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Health Service (UK) has purchased more than 300 units (Feb, 2021) and Rediroom has generated more than $10 million (AUD) sales since launch. That success is driving international expansion plans, with recent launches in Israel, Spain, and Romania as well as a planned launch in the USA in upcoming months. Beyond COVID, the WHO is promoting physical isolation as a vital step in preventing the spread of key hospital pathogens. Two clinical publications confirm Rediroom's functional performance and that it meets Australian and international guidelines for infection prevention and isolation spaces - the first mobile solution in the world to do so - illustrating Rediroom's continuing role in stopping the spread of healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance.

  • Because Rediroom is designed to house infectious patients, it needs to be easy and safe to decontaminate. Cracks, crevasses, and porous surfaces act as reservoirs for pathogens in our environment. On pack down, the Rediroom canopy can be easily collapsed to contain any pathogens, leaving the easy-clean Rediroom frame. The frame itself was designed to be easy and quick to disinfect after use, minimising the risk of any onward transmission. That, however, presents a new challenge: how do we prevent any surface damage despite regular exposure to hospital-grade disinfectants? All materials used in the construction were selected for their compatibility with common hospital disinfectants, ensuring a long service life for the Rediroom. Rediroom houses an integrated PPE station directly at the point of use. It puts protective equipment, hand hygiene and surface disinfectants directly above the door entry kick-button, helping nudge staff and encourage compliance. A common complaint of traditional isolation spaces is patient visibility - healthcare workers are unable to easily monitor patients hidden away in side rooms. Rediroom features drop-down viewing windows, allowing nurses to easily spot a patient in trouble. Different healthcare facilities have different sized bed spaces. Rediroom can easily be configured with different sized canopies to accommodate bed space sizes in hospitals worldwide.