OZTENT RS-2 Double Swag

  • 2022

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • The Oztent Group

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The Oztent Group

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To be released, the OZTENT RS-2 Double Swag is a 30-second, high-quality two-person swag. Delivering speed, durability and comfort that ensure you and your partner enjoy your adventure. Seconds to set up, with everything built into it, the RS-2 is a swag free of complexity, lots of parts or angst.

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  • Customers have been asking us to create a better version of the swag that allows them to take their partner camping with them. Partners who seek the comfort, coverage and ease of a tent more than a less protective and more rudimentary swag. We needed to: 1.Make it fast and easy to set up late at night, especially in poor conditions. 2.Have headroom – missing in a traditional swag 3.Reduce condensation – a significant challenge with swags. 4.Provide protection for people and gear from sun and rain 5.Be neat organised and free of complexity

  • It will be the only two-person swag using our innovative 30-second frame, simple to set up and pack down within 30-seconds. It is large enough to sit up in and for two people to move about easily. Side ventilation, 65g No-See-Um mesh screens, and a large double entrance reduce heat and condensation inside the swag. A large, attached awning provides shelter from sun and rain for campers and gear. Big enough to sit under, it provides a clean dry entry in a downpour. Features outlined below speak to its neat and organised construction. This double-swag is a truly unique innovation.

  • Environmental: Small product footprint means a smaller impact on nature. The quality of the product, and service supporting it, means that it will last and be used for many years longer than conventional swags. Social: Encourages more people to get out and enjoy areas inaccessible with larger camping equipment and share their adventures with their partners and friends who prefer ease and comfort. Commercial: The RS-2 Swag is a melding of tent and swag, allowing us to grow our overall product portfolio, increase our share of the swag sector and fill a gap created when our RV-2 tent was decommissioned.

  • Our unique and patented 30-Second Frame technology is embedded into a high-quality aluminium frame. This combined with the swag’s extremely durable fabrication means that it is the first up and last standing at any campsite. The OZTENT RS-2 is a freestanding swag with everything combined in an oversized bag, making it easy to transport and store; ensuring setup is possible even on the hardest surfaces, and always free of complexity. Mesh storage pocket for guy-ropes built into the swag for neater more convenient setup, pack down and storage. Reflective guy-ropes: easier to see swag at night, reduces trip issues. Power cord inlet and light-loops: for technology needs. Removable hanging pockets: easy to reach storage where you need it. Replaceable 40mm double mattress: added comfort better sleep. Silver coated integrated awning/sunshade: reduces heat and adds protection. Seal-sealed stitching: great durability and waterproofing. Certified CPAI-84 fire-resistant ModCan™ 300D ripstop polyester material and screens for extra protection against sparks and embers. No-See-Um mesh screens to aid ventilation, provide views and keep insects out.