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The OZTENT Redgum Hotspot™ Heated Sleeping Bag XL is the world’s first non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag. This Australian designed product was created to encourage more people to enjoy the experience of camping during cooler months.

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  • At the Oztent Group we love camping in all seasons, and although winter camping is already popular in Europe and the States, it tends to have less appeal in Australia. We believe that this year we will see considerably more people wanting to explore the bush over the cooler months and wanted to provide them with a solution that ensured extra comfort without complexity or electricity on cooler nights.

  • Developed from aerospace sleep research, and a lot of cold nights, this sleeping bag maximises outdoor sleep comfort by targeting the six active heating spots on the body. You achieve the optimal level of warmth and comfort for your sleep requirements by applying a HotSpot™ pouch your preferred active heat spots. Unlike an electrical mechanism, a HotSpot™ pouch achieves 'heat normality'. Meaning: it releases the most warmth [up to 53oC] when activated, as you hit the sack, and then evenly and gradually releases heat into the bag throughout the night to synchronise with you as your temperature normalises.

  • Social: With heat adjustability and padding precisely designed to support core muscle sections for back and side sleepers, Redgum was designed to encourage more people to experience, enjoy and share the great outdoors across all seasons. Commercial: Being the only non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag on the market and the increased interest in domestic tourism during covid, Redgum is anticipated to enhance both profitability and brand equity. Environmental: The OZTENT HotSpot™ is a unique reusable heat pouch, tested for up to 500 uses. No electricity required.

  • The Redgum was informed by evidence-based science from sleep, ergonomics and physiotherapy research and serves as a prime example of knowledge transfer between Australian Design Research and Industry. Comfortable sleep temperature is different for everyone, Redgum allows campers to tailor heat levels and locations to their ideal requirements. The design not only supports user comfort for back and side sleeping but also make rolling inside the sleeping bag possible. Physiotherapy grade, reusable heat packs can be inserted into up to five points of active heating, allowing the user to create his or her own ideal sleep environment. Ripstop Cotton Canvas Outer Shell - No more being cold and wet when you touch the outside of your sleeping bag. T-Therm™ Insulation - A moisture resistant matrix fibre filling that isrenowned for body insulation and comfort. Comfort Plus™ - The inner fabrics, the collar and side baffles, add to your comfort and a great night's sleep. Extra Large - Adult size (240 x 100cm). Internal storage pocket. Pigeon Pairs - Left and Right zipper bags can be connected for co-sleeping and one side can have a different temperature profile from the other. So easy - free of electricity, or complexity, it's a sleeping bag.