Oztent Black Series HotSpot Chairs

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • The Oztent Group

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The Oztent Group

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Perhaps the world’s most luxurious camping/event chair the Oztent Hotspot Black Series range of camping chairs are the toughest, lightest, most comfortable ever created and they can be warmed or cooled as desired. (The Red Belly is the first to be released in this range.)

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  • Research and customer feedback has told us that conventionally chairs people lug to events and camping follow a similar format, they are: cheap, poorly constructed, heavy to carry, awkward to use, uncomfortable to sit in, do nothing for one’s posture or back and quickly end up as landfill – as one customer commented “you’re better off buying a case of beer and sitting on that”. When looking at camping chairs weight, comfort and durability factors are key concerns – visit any campsite and you’re likely to find many chairs left in the bin, or by the side of the road.

  • The brief: Develop the world’s most desirable recreational chair, inspiring use and reducing waste by being a considered, long term purchase which delivers more than any other chair in the market. Constructed around a high-strength magnesium alloy ultra-lite™ frame, it withstands weights of 200kg yet weighs only 3.7kg. This extra-large fully padded chair has adjustable lumbar support and height adjustable armrests to optimise comfort and back support. Incorporating OZTENT’s HOTSPOT pouches, users can simply heat their chair when cold or keep their seat cool in the heat, and it needs no power. It is supported with a five-year warranty.

  • This chair is designed to be the best in market with regard: • weight [extremely light], • durability + product life [high-strength frame, quality materials, construction] • comfort [can be warmed/cooled as required, posture support, cushioning] • features [device, magazine + insulated drink holders, headrests, storage] • five-year warranty [industry standard 1 year] As such it is a considered long-term purchase, created to substitute the mass production and wastage too commonly associated with chairs for outdoor, recreational usage.

  • These chairs incorporate the Oztent HOTSPOT - a transportable thermal pouch, which won a 2018 Good Design Award®. A first for recreational furniture, the HOTSPOT works for up to an hour and has been tested for up to 500 uses. Despite its name, it can both radiate heat or cool the zones around the users bottom and lumbar regions [as per chair design], and it requires no power – just heat by clicking the metal disk or chill it in the esky. The adjustable lumbar support and armrests, combined with the HOTSPOT, beyond providing additional comfort, serve to keep the body aligned and maintains the natural inward curvature of the lower spine. While conventional, often unstable, recreational chairs encourage slouching, doing nothing to aid posture or sore backs. Other features include: • Soft Comfort-Forming Armrests • Insulated Drink/Phone Holder Saddlebag (RHS) • Tablet/Device Holder Saddlebag (LHS) • Headrest/Carry Bag Storage Compartment • Fully Padded Polyester Seat Cushion • High-strength carry bag.