HP 27 inch All-in-One Desktop PC

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

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United States of America

The 27″ HP All in One is the perfect computer for those who work from home. The sleek design and powerful features fit seamlessly into any home office. The computer features thinner screen bezels so users can focus on their work rather than the edges of the screen.

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  • Users are accustomed now to hybrid work and work from home. The question becomes how do you best do that, and how do you fit a computer into the shares spaces in your home. Users have told us that finding ways to reduce cable clutter, and finding ways to make the computer not stand out from the rest of the home are important.

  • HP Design examined the ways computers are being used in the home, and thought about how the sharp edges of computers aren't as welcoming as the soft, rounded shapes that fill homes. Based on that, we reshaped the base of the stand, and tried to minimize or reduce anything that wasn't a part of the user's work. There are studies whose results show, when you declutter a workplace, mental load and stress reduces. By managing cables and reducing the footprint of the computer, we make it that much easier for users.

  • Using the coffee textured finish is a way of doing this without drawing attention to itself. recycled plastics:40% in enclosure, 45% in the speaker enclosure and fans recycled textiles in base recycled coffee grounds in painted finish packaging; plastic-free packaging The recycled packaging takes less space to ship, the stand assembles with the display in the box to ship more efficiently per pallet. The stand is packaged flat alongside the display. The user assembles the stand, attaches it to the display, and then lifts the whole computer out of the packaging. It's easier, and it prevents wasteful shipping of air.

  • HP helps minimize the carbon footprint of our products by powering the final assembly of 90% of our WW PC and Display products with 100% renewable electricity HP uses ocean-bound plastics with the installation of a high-tech plastic-cleaning washing line at HP’s partner recycling facility Lavergne-Haiti, near Port-au-Prince, which increase the amount of plastic processed while simultaneously boosting its value on the open market — bringing in much-needed income opportunities for local workers. We process 20 million pounds, 9 million kilograms of plastic a year.