Otto Kessler – Berlin Glove

  • 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Otto Kessler GmbH & Co.KG

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At Otto Kessler, we keep a close eye on the international fashion shows and top designers’ trends, which stimulates our own creativity and filters through into the gloves we bring to you. There is more fashion between the fingertips and cuff of a glove than people commonly imagine.

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  • The fabulous "Berlin" is not just a glove; it's a handmade sewn men glove with special techniques and a superior design. The upper hand of the glove offers a unique perforated structure with inter-woven yarns. This structure gives the glove an extraordinary style for all kind of events. The outside of the glove is crafted from highly soft cow nubuck, the inside from ultra-soft cashmere. This mix of material keeps your hands warm in cold weather. This men glove is a real eye-catcher to keep you fashionable thoughtout the winter. It's taking a lot of time and training to make this special glove; several hours to cut and sewing the glove by hand, after this two more hours to pull the yarn through the holes.