Hone Lab: On-Farm Grain Analyser

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Hone Pty. Ltd.

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The Hone Lab analyser is a powerful field spectrometer for the measurement of grain quality on-farm in real-time. As the Hone platform expands, the companion smartphone app will allow new testing capabilities to be completed (plant tissue, a range of soil nutrients, feed and more) on this versatile handheld instrument. Hone Lab provides the agriculture industry with real-time knowledge of soil health and crop quality, enabling decisions to be made in real time to achieve better yielding crops.

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  • Current market solutions see growers and those throughout the commodity supply chain outsourcing sample testing and analysis to off-site third-parties. Current processes generally involve the collection of samples (grain, plant material + soil), packaging, barcoding, manually filling out forms, mailing samples by post and waiting for periods generally longer than 2 weeks to receive results. The challenge was to develop a small ergonomic + ruggedised hand-held analyser, utilising next-generation high fidelity and performance NIR Sensor modules. When paired with the Hone smartphone application, the analyser needed to function as a simple all-in-one NIR spectrometer with real-time spectral processing and chemical quantification to deliver accurate and usable data in the moment for rapid decision making in-the-field.

  • A portable, robust, and reliable on-farm grain, plant matter and soil nutrient analyser for the agriculture industry. Hone Lab makes on-farm and commodity supply chain chemical testing and analysis of samples (grain, plant material and soil) fast and simple for the agriculture industry. The device utilises Hone's unique optical configuration to allow rapid measurement of multiple sample types on a single device. The spectral engine is powered by two sensors covering a wide spectral range spanning visible and near-infrared (NIR) regions and includes a large measurement area for consistency with heterogeneous samples. The device connects to the Hone Mobile App (iOS® + Android™) via Bluetooth BLE, broadcasting results for storage and review in just in a few minutes.

  • In Precision Agriculture - Data is King: Currently farmers and others involved in the agri-supply chain ensure a slow, inconvenient, and expensive workflow to test samples. Currently samples are collected, then packaged + labelled, forms filled, delivered to the post office, sent away to large labs for testing, the entire process taking 2-3 weeks for results. A long time to wait to make critical decisions in an agriculture business. Hone Lab is a tool that enables growers, processors, and distributors to quickly test and receive actionable chemical data in seconds. It's the equivalent of having a chemistry lab in the palm of your hand. Instant + accurate data means faster decision making to improve yields and outputs for the industry.

  • Optimising outputs and providing transparency in the market: Primary producers are able to benefit from Hone Lab's almost instantaneous sample readings which allow real-time decisions to be made regarding adjustments to methods, inputs and outputs, for the purpose of improving yield quality. As well as improving the speed of their current testing, the quicker and more affordable handheld testing method enables producers' greater access to testing, especially with soil and plant tissue testing. With a Hone Lab, a farmer can know what is happening across their entire paddock's soil content, or whether they need to adjust fertiliser prior to a rain event.