• 2020

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Orlid is a spice jar with a double lid that flips open to shake or scoop. Nested stacking allows for secure moving, space-saving storage, and easy viewing. The double-action lid is opened with a one-handed push button to an adjustable shaker, or fully open for scooping, pouring and easy refilling.

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  • Orlid was created to complement Dreamfarm’s award winning pepper grinder, Ortwo, allowing spices to be easily swapped over for grinding. The designers challenged themselves to ensure that Ortwo also had functional innovation as a stand-alone product. A user typically must dispense ingredients in various ways while cooking, usually with one hand already occupied or dirty. If one hand alone could access a variety of dispensing methods the workflow could be vastly improved. Maximising storage space while allowing the user to easily move multiple jars at a time without them falling over, was another challenge.

  • The push of a button opens the dual-flip lid to an adjustable sieve for shaking out spices, or fully open for easy scooping and refilling. The simple push-button release and spring-loaded lids only require one hand for operation. This leaves the user’s other hand free for cooking, or to get dirty. Orlid also nests in stacks for space-efficient storage in the cupboard, secure moving and easy spice identification. Orlid jars are interchangeable with Ortwo, allowing the user to swap over spices without emptying and refilling jars. Orlid’s design language and form are also consistent with Ortwo and the broader range.

  • Orlid’s jar fits on the Ortwo pepper grinder for easy change-over of spices. This adds value to both products and opportunity for extended product ranging and repeat sales. Orlid proves a design can hold mass-market appeal and be aesthetically pleasing, while improving the experience of those with limited strength or dexterity. Unlike a typical screw thread Orlid opens and closes without need for fine movement or grip strength. The lid also stays with the jar when it is not being utilised on the compatible grinder. Orlid has a glass jar, and its lid is easily dissembled for repair or recycling.

  • Orlid securely stacks into movable columns thanks to its indented lid. This maximises pantry space and allows the user to identify spices easily. Blank adhesive labels are included for labelling. Orlid also closes to an airtight seal to preserve freshness during storage. Each lid has a unique hinge geometry that allows it to come to a stop gently when opening. This feature also holds the lid securely in the open position when shaking ingredients through the sieve. A unique internal thread allows the jar to be visible right up to its edge. This creates a crisp, straight sided look and allow the contents to be maximally visible. The simple shape and matte black lid reflect Ortwo and the rest of the Dreamfarm range. This treatment of the jar and minimal lid form combine to highlight the vibrant colours and textures of the spices contained therein. The reusable nature of the product reduces the user’s reliance on purchasing single use, prefilled spice jars from supermarkets and allows them to source spices from bulk food stores, minimising unnecessary food packaging waste. Orlid’s borosilicate glass jar is also available made from a BPA-free acrylic for the price conscious consumer, or those with children.