Clipsal OptiLine 50 Cable Management System

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Schneider Electric

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OptiLine 50 is a complete building installation system that allows workplaces to achieve a fluid workspace. OptiLine 50 provides flexible access to power and data sources that can be configured to suit specific needs of any workplace. OptiLine 50 is a versatile system for end-users and electrical contractors alike.

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  • Access to power and data should be flexible and safe. Especially in an office or school. Clipsal by Schneider Electric has designed the OptiLine 50 floorbox to be a convenient and safe way to deliver access to power, data, phone and video for any office environment. OptiLine 50 offers the only floorbox in Australia featuring Shearsafe technology to protect users and cables. The Shearsafe floorbox includes an automatic, soft-close function that comes with an aluminium alloy lid. The lid can remain open at 80°, or soft-close from 20°, preventing it slamming directly onto hands, feet or cables. The gentle, tapered design of the lid's chamfered edges also reduces the guillotining action when it closes.

  • OptiLine50 includes fewer parts and incorporates innovative use of time-saving functions, such as click action and trunking with removable covers. This means it can reduce the working-time required for an installation by at least half. This design functionality allows electricians who are installing the system to complete twice as many jobs in the same amount of time, opening up new working alternatives. Optiline50 also has reduced parts when compared to an ordinary system - a traditional system has 1,000 components, and OptiLine50 only has 360. This reduction means OptiLine50 makes planning an installation and ordering the components far simpler for the electrician, and architects and consultants to specify.

  • The OptiLine50 system is flexible and suited to all floor types. Beyond the initial install, OptiLine50 can be reconfigured in a number of different ways depending on the needs of the workplace, or simply to keep a workspace fluid to meet changing business or building needs. Traditional power outlets that are fixed to the wall can limit the layout of a workplace but OptiLine50 Poles and Posts can bring power and data outlets to exactly where they are needed. The Poles and Posts are also designed to be installed in virtually any floor or roof type.

  • OptiLine50 allows data and power outlets to be easily customised to suit the interior of any workspace. The system includes a complete range of power outlets with different colour fascias including white, dark grey and red, as well as two-module DIN enclosure and a junction box. To ensure its compatibility and ease of use with other electrical products, OptiLine50 also offers a 30 Mech/ keystone module that fits any Clipsal accessory from the range e.g. USB charger, Data Jack and HDMI connector.

    OptiLine50 features Australia's first click-on/click-out wiring devices, covering the most common electrical requirements. Socket outlets are also available in both horizontal and vertical versions to meet a range of different installation requirements. Its patented "Clip in" connections for power sockets allow it to be clipped into OptiLine50 products and the same clips allow it to be easily demounted. The wiring devices are also designed with safety in mind. OptiLine50 sockets feature safety shutters, which are perfect for schools as they stop anything from being put inside the sockets, as well as snap on power shrouds that ensure fingers can't touch the back of the sockets.

    The seamless style of the OptiLine50 range provides elegant access to power and data wherever required. Designed to suit any workspace without detracting from its interior, the system is designed to be near flush finish. OptiLine50 Furniture Boxes offer a pop-up, flip-up or flush mounted box, specially designed for conference and meeting rooms, where only occasional connection to power is needed. The snap on fascias of different styles and colours allow the system to be customised to suit any interior aesthetic. The socket bases also play a critical role in ensuring safety of the system. If a fascia is removed when the products are installed, the products are still safe as no live parts are exposed.