Obesity Evidence Hub

  • 2020

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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With obesity one of the fastest growing epidemics in Australia, The Obesity Evidence Hub forms a continuing effort to provide the most relevant and proven data and research on obesity in Australia. A leader in the digital research field of obesity, the hub is an engaging, useful tool for researchers.

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  • Previously, to gather data, research and evidence on obesity, researchers would scan reliable internet sources and academic literature to synthesise small fractions of evidence for their requirements. The brief; make key data readily accessible, engaging and shareable in a single location where high quality and authoritative evidence on obesity trends, prevention and treatment could be sourced, analysed and synthesised. The goal was to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of obesity prevention and treatment efforts in Australia by providing accurate, substantiated and timely information to assist those working in the field.

  • The hub provides an engaging and informative experience where researchers can find evidence on obesity prevention and treatment in a single location, and easily share and reference data to further support reform. It is an industry leading research hub that will continue to inform audiences of the latest evidence on obesity in Australia. Technically the hub delivers with a custom responsive graphing solution allowing content editors to keep data tables up to date in an intuitive CMS. A custom developed citation system was developed to allow quick updating of reference material without the need for reordering previously entered citations.

  • Since launch the hub has received praise in health and research sectors and helped to further policy development in Australia. The hub is easy to navigate and find relevant data, which is then presented in a visually engaging way. Graphs can be customised by content editors in the CMS allowing them to select the type of graph from a set of templates. For researchers, these visually engaging graphs better communicate the evidence in presentations, online and in policy documentation. Researchers can now save time by accessing the most up to date information on obesity evidence in a single destination.

  • A new brand was defined, including logo and digital vision. The brand was extended through the user experience, providing colour coded sections based on evidence themes. The hub has little imagery, so the design solution provides a colourful, engaging experience and visual graphical data that encourages sharing and referencing. A fully customisable, responsive graphing system was developed to enable content editors the ability to quickly add, edit and update data on the hub. Graphs are colour coded by theme and can be shared through a dynamic image download, data table or social media. Researchers can also highlight passages to share on social media and email. A citation management system was developed, allowing content editors to add, edit or delete citations which dynamically update any other citations and references on the page. The hub is an accessible solution for researchers and content editors that utilises categories, filtering, engaging graphs and sharing features to support the user experience.